Internal, open access

Using University Services from the Internet

Some University IT systems can be accessed over the Internet when you are away from the campus network.  Not all services are available from offsite locations; these are normally restricted due to security reasons, to protect data or the equipment from unauthorised access.

It is vital that you protect your computer and data when connecting to the Internet - see More Help - PC Security for further information on this including installing anti-virus software and keeping your computer software up to date.

Members of staff that work from home should read the University's Remote Working guidelines.

Web access

Some University web pages are restricted; this means that you may need to put in your University username and password to access them. Some pages may not be available off campus for security reasons.

Access to some Library E-resources (e.g. those using Athens authentication) requires the ability to use cookies. Some companies, institutions or Internet cafes may not allow this on their computers.

Email access

Access to both the staff and student email systems is available via a web browser:

It is also possible to configure an email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird) on your personal computer to connect to the staff or student email services or to access email with a PDA or smart phone.  See the following for further information:

Accessing network drives

Staff and students can access their N drives via the NetDrive service.

Staff with VPN access can access their N drive and other network drives (e.g. collaborative shares) - see Accessing Remote Drives

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