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Request for a Reading Mailman mailing list

Information about the administration of an email list can be found in the IT Services Mailman document.

Please give the following details for the user who will administer the mail list (usually this needs to be you - the user completing the form.) Once you have been allocated your list, you may nominate moderators who may act on your behalf for common administrative tasks but may not change the list settings.

* Indicates required information


Now read the following declaration regarding acceptable use and, if you are prepared to accept the responsibility of being an email list administrator, click the [Submit Form] button. Once the list has been set up, you will receive notification via e-mail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have undertaken to abide to the University's rules regarding the use of University Computers and Data Network, and the University's Acceptable Use Policy for Information Providers. A summary of these rules and Acceptable Use Policy are available on the Web: University's Rules Regarding the Use of University Computers and Network University's Acceptable Use Policy for Information Providers

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