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Changes to Staff Webmail: Outlook Web App


Over the Autumn term changes are being made to the Staff Webmail service, as we move to new new setup. These changes should be automatic and we anticipate little or no interruption to service, but initially there will be some changes to the logon process, and then once your mailbox has been moved to the new system, large scales changes to the interface and improved functionality:

  • Outlook Web App will provide full functionality across a wide range of browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome for example. Previously this was only available to Internet Explorer users.
  • Improved interface - more like your email client.
  • AutoComplete email addresses stored centrally. It will be available wherever you go.
  • Improved settings management and access to rules.

Logon changes: 5th October 2010

On the 5th October 2010, changes will be made to the logon process that will enable mailboxes to be moved seamlessly between the old system and the new system. This will have minimal impact, but will look different.

Currently when someone logs onto and clicks on the logon prompt a dialog box opens and prompts or your username and password.

From the 28th September, clicking on the logon link will take you to a different webpage that will look something like this:

Outlook Web App Logon Page
















Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to This is part of the process and is to be expected. once you have been migrated (see below) you will no longer be redirected.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices may have problems connecting once the changes have been made. If you are constantly prompted for a username and password, you should check and ensure that the domain is supplied as part of the authentication details.

For help with various devices see Staff Email Documentation

If this is not applicable, or change sdo not work, then turn the device off and back on, as this will ensure that previous settings are removed from the device. 

Outlook Web App changes: Autumn Term 2010

Over the course of the Autumn term 2010, staff mailboxes will be migrated from the old system to the new, and you will be notified ahead of time when this is being done. After this migration you will be able to use the additional functionality of Outlook Web App.

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