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The AutoSpam system is a powerful tool that filters Possible-Spam email into a folder called AutoSpam. While this system works without customisation, advanced users may feel that they wish to configure it.

To configure the AutoSpam system, visit the mail options configuration page at, and log on using your username and password. The AutoSpam customisation options are located at the bottom of the page.

After you have logged in, you should see that the configuration screen is divided into two areas. The top portion contains three options dealing with the use of AutoSpam. The bottom section contains options regarding the classification of Spam.

Configuring AutoSpam

There are two settings controlled in this session.

  • Filter Spam automatically into AutoSpam folder sets whether the AutoSpam service is used or not. If this is off then there is no Spam protection for your Inbox beyond that which we reject outright and nothing will ever be put into AutoSpam. IT Services recommend that this is left enabled.
  • Enable daily notification of new messages into AutoSpam will control whether you receive a report of messages that have been placed into your AutoSpam folder over the previous day.

Customising Spam settings

This section determines what is classified as Spam.

  • Spam Sensitivity controls how sensitive the filter is to Spam. The default is five. A higher number will allow more Spam email through to your Inbox, but is less likely to catch genuine emails. A lower number allows less spam through, but is more likely to catch Non-Spam.
  • Whitelists You may find that particular email addresses are more likely to be classed as Spam. If they are genuine emails that you wish to receive, then you can put the email address in the Whitelist box. Email from this address will never be classed as Spam. See below for more details.
  • Blacklists It is possible that there are some addresses that you repeatedly receive Spam emails from that do not get classified as Spam. You can put the addresses in here and emails from those addresses will always be put into AutoSpam. If this is a legitimate mailing list, it is better to unsubscribe from the list rather than blacklisting it. See below for details on using the Blacklist

If you make any changes it is important to save them using the "Save Spam Configuration Changes" button at the bottom of the screen. If you do not save the changes then alterations will be lost.

Using the Whitelist and Blacklist

It is important to put the correct address into the Whitelist/Blacklist. The address that needs to go in is NOT the From address, but the Envelope-Sender (also known as the Return-Path header in an emails headers). This may be the same as the from address, but should be checked or the changes will have no effect.

It is also possible to put whole domains into the box. This is done using the wildcard character "*" (asterisk). If you wanted to always allow emails from everyone at, you would put * into the Whitelist box, and save the changes.

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Last Edited: 19 April 2016 | First Published: 4 November 2014

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