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10 Tips about email

Modern anti-spam systems will look at the structure of an email to determine whether or not it is to be classed as spam.

The tips below are designed to help you avoid having the emails you send being classed as spam:


  1. Don't use HTML email. Instead use plain text whenever possible.
  2. Don't include images unless absolutely necessary.
  3. You should include a subject line, but don't make it all CAPITALS.
  4. Don't write the message IN CAPITALS or with lots of "!!!!".
  5. Don't send it directly from an ISP; use OWAmail, Webmail, RPC/HTTPS or configure your email client to talk to
  6. Do configure a full display name in your email client.
  7. Don't ask for an email username and password.
  8. Ensure that your email client is correctly configured.
  9. Don't set the email as high priority. The priority settings rarely make any difference and may increase the chances of it being marked as spam.
  10. Use normal language when you write your email: don't use text speak. E.g. numbers instead of letters - as in "gr8" meaning great.


For other tips you could look at the SpamAssassin FAQs:

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Last Edited: 19 April 2016 | First Published: 4 November 2014

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