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Accessing email while away from the office is becoming increasingly important. It is also important to select the correct method for accessing your email for different situations.

Below are a selection of possible scenarios where you may wish to access your university email. Outlined are the solutions that you should consider.


If you wish to access your Exchange email account from a home PC or laptop running windows on a regular basis, then you should follow the instructions for accessing via RPC/HTTPS.

Devices running Windows Mobile

For information about connecting your mobile device, see the information below

Apple Devices - the iPhone and iPod Touch

It is very easy to connect Apple devices, the iPhone and iPod Touch, and use them to connect to the email system

  • Connecting an Apple iPhone to the email system

Mobile phones with basic email facilities

If your mobile phone can deal with IMAP or POP based email services, you can access your University email using the settings suggested in


Internet Cafe

Use Outlook Web Access to read your mail, check your calendar, look up contacts, update your to-do list etc. This is available from Outlook Web Email

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Last Edited: 19 April 2016 | First Published: 2 May 2007

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