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Following a pilot project using the postgraduate recruitment website, the web Content Management System (webCMS) called Activedition, created by C(2) software ( is to be used more widely in The University of Reading to publish information on the web. The rollout of Activedition is being done in conjunction with the Branding Project.  Training in the use of Activedition is provided within the University.

The webCMS enables relatively unskilled users to create, modify and publish information on the web. Some of the advantages of using the webCMS are:

  • easy to update information
  • consistency of look and feel across the site
  • provision of workflow, where different people can partake in the process of creating, editing and publishing information on the web

In order to create or modify pages, the CMS is accessed via a web browser.

Once published, the pages are copied almost immediately to a separate web server that is accessed through URLs.

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