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Video-conferencing facilities

Polycom video-conferencing systems are available in Committee Rooms 1 & 2 in Whiteknights House and one can be set up in S@iL 106 in the Library. These systems permit the transmission of a PC's display along with the output of the integrated video camera, which can then be viewed on any compatible video conferencing unit.

These three rooms are all centrally bookable and so you will need to book the room with Central Room Bookings.

The Polycom system normally used in S@iL 106 can be used in other locations. Please check with ITS before your planned video-conference as not all network connections are suitable and ITS will need to configure the network port in the room appropriately. A technician will be required to set up the equipment, which is chargeable.

If you require a technician to set it all up and check that everything is working, which is mandatory in the case of S@iL 106, then please use the booking form below.

An Access Grid system is available in the Reading e-Science Centre in ESSC at Earley Gate.  It is also possible to connect to Access Grid sessions from a desktop PC. Access Grid software will need to be installed on your PC, see Installing the Personal Interface Access Grid.

To book the Polycom video-conferencing system use the form below

Video Conferencing booking form

Please Login to as Use Self Service Desk. Then,

  • Click New Request
  • Click Classroom & Event Support
  • Click Video Conferencing Support


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Last Edited: 19 April 2016 | First Published: 6 October 2014

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