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Portuguese has180 million first language speakers, mostly in Brazil and Portugal, making it the seventh most widely spoken language in the world. As well as being the official language of both Brazil and Portugal, Portuguese also has official status as second or additional language in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São-Tomé-Principe and Timor-Leste.

British Council, (2014) Languages for the Future

Modules available

NEW! LA1PP1-IWLP Portuguese 1

Intended for students with no previous knowledge of Portuguese, this beginner module enables students to acquire a basic understanding of the language and the ability to communicate at a survival level. It will also provide students with an insight into aspects of society and every-day life in Portuguese-speaking countries. Please note that students with GCSE or equivalent in the language cannot enrol on a Beginners' class. Find out more.


If you would like to take Portuguese at a higher level than we currently offer please be in contact with us via

Student feedback

"The staff and students are so supportive and I have developed my language skills so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I now plan to start a whole new language with IWLP."
Ana-Maria, French Upper Intermediate student

Meet the staff

The Portuguese tutor is Ms Cristina Rodrigues.

Ms Pilar Gray-Carlos is the Co-ordinator.

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