Academic skills

Number of credits: 20

Entry requirements: All students are required to take this module


The module aims to help students develop their study skills in order to be successful on the International Foundation Programme and as undergraduates.

Intended learning outcomes

Assessable outcomes

By the end of the module, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • produce written work which is well-organised, relevant and makes use of appropriate terminology and academic style
  • demonstrate good communication skills in written and/or oral form
  • identify problems, apply their knowledge and skills in finding solutions and evaluate these solutions
  • interpret and analyse a range of information beyond mere description
  • make good use of IT as required (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, email and the internet)
  • work as a member of a team by cooperating with others, negotiating, listening to others in the group, sharing responsibilities/tasks and meeting deadlines.

Additional outcomes

By the end of the module, it is expected that students should be able to:

  • use a variety of resources for the purpose of independent study.
  • use their time effectively, meet deadlines, reflect on their progress and set targets.

Outline content:

  • Communication skills: written

Presenting information/arguments in an appropriate format; organising information effectively; using the appropriate academic conventions and style; writing with clarity and reasonable accuracy; selecting relevant information; avoiding plagiarism

  • Communication skills: oral

Making useful contributions in seminars and tutorials; giving oral presentations; communicating with peers and tutors in an appropriate manner

  • Problem-solving

Identifying problems/issues; analysing information both individually and as a group member; applying knowledge and skills to find solutions; evaluating solutions and drawing conclusions

  • Team-working

Working as a member of a team by cooperating with others; sharing responsibilities/tasks; meeting deadlines

Brief description of teaching and learning methods:

A combination of workshops, seminars and tutorials.

Student views of this module

Marianna Spanou (Cyprus)
'The Academic Skills module is useful because it helps you learn how to study and it prepares you for the first year of your degree.
Giving a presentation was both the most challenging and the most interesting aspect of the module.  It has given me more confidence and it also given me the chance to make friends and practise my English.
I would advise future students of this module that they should not ignore it because it helps you with lots of things relating to your studies.'

Hu Yao Wen (China) 
'Academic writing is the big challenge for international students whose second language is English.  We get help with this in Academic Skills.  Also, presentations allow us to practise our speaking skills and to work in a team. 
My advise to students taking this module is that you must have confidence and if you think you can, you can.'

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