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Food Law News - EU - 2019

FDE News Release, 25 February 2019

ADMINISTRATION / POLICY - Food and drink industry launches priorities for the EU Institutions - FDE Policy Paper

Let’s step up to the plate - Europe’s Food and Drink Industry Priorities for the EU Institutions 2019 - 2024

A copy of the full policy paper is available on this site (click on image)

FoodDrinkEurope, the organisation of Europe’s food and drink industry, has today launched its policy priorities for the EU Institutions, in view of the upcoming EU elections later this year.

As the largest manufacturing sector and leading employer in the EU, Europe’s food and drink industry has remained resilient throughout challenging times. In order to continue to grow, innovate and create new jobs, we need the right business environment in which to operate. We are ready to step up to the plate and ask EU policy-makers for their help to:

FoodDrinkEurope’s publication, entitled ‘Let’s step up to the plate’, outlines in a clear and concise manner the food and drink industry’s key priorities under four pillars, namely: For a Single Market with a Purpose, Feeding Europe’s Economy, Serving Consumers’ Needs and Growing Sustainably. The report focuses on key legislative dossiers and issues on which lawmakers will have either a direct or an indirect influence. The report also encourages lawmakers to carefully consider giving more prominence to the food sector in the Institutional design, for instance through the creation of a Directorate for Food in the European Commission, as well as a dedicated European Parliament Intergroup on Food.

Speaking on the launch of the report, FoodDrinkEurope Director General, Mella Frewen, said: “There remains much to do, and we are determined to continue our successes over the next institutional mandate. As the European Union enters a new and challenging period, EU policy-makers will play a decisive role in laying the foundations of stability and prosperity for the future. This is an important responsibility that will necessitate positive engagement with all stakeholders concerned. We look forward to more close collaboration in the years to come”.

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