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Who benefits from volunteering?

Volunteers sat around a table

Everyone has something to gain: the businesses that provide employee volunteers, the organisations where volunteers help out, the wider community and volunteers themselves.

  • Volunteers often face new situations when they begin giving time which can give them the confidence to address challenges within their own lives
  • There are unique opportunities to develop skills and often training will be offered and individuals are given roles with responsibility
  • You can make new friends, obtain new networks and contacts with people you may not have come into contact with in your daily life
  • There is evidence that your health can benefit from volunteering! Including a heightened sense of well being, a stronger immune system and faster recovery for people who have had surgery
  • Often the most difficult part can be making the first move so be brave!
  • The work you do will most likely be creative, have a sense of purpose and you would be volunteering for a cause of which you believe
  • This can be a chance to make an active change or pivotal role to an organisation or to someone's life
  • Voluntary work allows you to do as little or as much as you like, so the roles are ideal for fitting around studying, family life or employed work.

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