Networking and creative job search techniques

  • Keeping an up to date list of your contacts and regularly reviewing actions taken/contacts made
  • Bookmarking useful resources and checking them regularly
  • Joining mailing lists and professional bodies relevant to your area of interest
  • Attending conferences and being strategic - who would it be useful to talk to, and why? Who would be willing to help you? What do you want to find out from them? It's a two way process - remember, you may be able to help them too
  • Contacting authors of interesting articles appearing in relevant professional journals to expand your knowledge and network of contacts
  • Doing "information interviewing" - where you arrange to talk to someone who may be able to help you or give advice
  • Looking at relevant vacancy sources and recruitment agencies, even if you're not applying for jobs at the moment. Be aware of what is happening in your chosen field
  • Getting work experience or work shadowing someone for a day to find out more about what a specific job role really involves
  • Getting feedback if you are unsuccessful with an application
  • Making speculative applications to organisations you are interested in working for

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