Stephen (research institute)

A Research Graduate from the department of Botany, Stephen is a research scientist with a plant research organisation. He is responsible for planning and developing his own research and his current research project is directly related to his PhD project. The role involves laboratory work, field work (overseas) and a considerable amount of administration. Stephen supervises two members of staff whom he shares with other departments, students on work placement and post-doctoral researchers. He also lectures on Diploma and Masters courses.

The skills needed for the job are communication and presentation skills, time management and organisation, also analytical skills and innovative thinking. Stephen also needs to have a flexible approach in order to meet the various demands of his job.

Job search

Vacancy notified through PhD Superviser who worked in the sponsoring organisation


  • CV and covering letter
  • One formal interview

Keys to success

  • Relevant knowledge from PhD research
  • Research skills
  • Time management
  • Supervisory skills
  • Known to line managers

Benefits of PhD

  • Working in a stimulating and diverse environment
  • Time management
  • Self motivation

Future options

  • Career progression limited in present organisation
  • Career progression limited in field of study
  • Some potential to move from the London area

Things to do now

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