Penny (government agency)

A Research Graduate from the department of Soil Science, Penny has been a Research Assistant in a Government research organisation for nearly three years. This is her first job since completing her PhD.

The role involves Penny in finding solutions to problems relating to soils and climate for people working in the field. Most of her time is spent doing literature research, writing reports and attending meetings. As she has no administrative support she needs to be well organised, able to manage her time efficiently and to prioritise her work. She also needs to be flexible to respond to changing demands.

Job search

  • Internal notification of vacancy
  • PhD sponsored by present employer
  • Research carried out at sponsor's premises


  • CV and covering letter
  • One interview

Keys to success

  • Relevant knowledge - job role related to PhD research
  • Organisation skills
  • Ability to prioritise
  • Information research and management skills
  • Planning and time management

Benefits of PhD

  • Growth of self confidence
  • Time management
  • Research skills
  • Presentation skills

Future options

  • Career progression limited within the organisation as are financial rewards
  • Local commitment limits opportunities to remain in similar field
  • Local options are in industry or commerce, with a probable change of career direction

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