Martin (commercial company)

A Research Graduate from the department of Sedimentology, Martin is a Senior Hydrogeologist with a water company and he has been with the company for nearly three years.

His day-to-day responsibilities are to supervise operational teams maintaining the water supply, investigate problems relating to water supply including customer queries and to ensure the future supplies through planning, research and development work.

Martin works with operational teams, engineers and scientists. The role requires good time management skills, flexibility, specialist knowledge and an ability to investigate and solve problems.

Job search

Towards the completion of his PhD, Martin began to identify companies who employed Hydrogeologists using company directories and sources such as Yellow Pages.

  • Attended conferences while a research student in order to make contacts
  • Wrote targeted, speculative applications
  • Looked in New Scientist regularly


Martin's first job with his present employer was a temporary contract. The company phoned the department and asked if any of its research students or graduates would be interested in a temporary contract. Martin responded to the enquiry.

  • His current position was advertised while he was working on the temporary contract
  • CV and application form
  • Selection - one interview

Keys to success

  • He had relevant specialist knowledge
  • He had demonstrated good interpersonal skills and flexibility, he was known to fit in because of his temporary contract
  • He was familiar with the company

Benefits of PhD

  • Gaining knowledge
  • Developing self confidence
  • Developing self motivation
  • Gaining presentation skills
  • Gaining report writing skills
  • Learning to think "scientifically"
  • Broadening horizons

Future options

Martin entered University as a mature student. He worked as a manager in a tyre fitting company since leaving sixth form and after seven years decided to try to change his career direction.

His subsequent choices of an MSc and then a PhD enabled him to gain the specialist knowledge necessary for to work as a Hydrogeologist. He feels that on some occasions when he applied for posts he was turned down simply because of his age, in other cases he thinks age was a positive asset.

Martin is very satisfied with his current position as it offers him variety, interest and a chance to do field as well as office work.

At the moment he is not looking for further opportunities.

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