Kathryn (academic)

A Research Graduate from the department of Typography & Graphic Communication, Kathryn is now working as a researcher in the department of Typography & Graphic Communication on a project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Board. This is her second research post in the department since completing her PhD.

The role involves planning the project and devising and developing the materials used, collecting and processing information and writing research reports. Also attending conferences and giving presentations about the research project. To carry out the research successfully Kathryn needs to be self motivated, organised and able to get on with a wide range of people of differing ages, as well as knowledgeable about her subject and skilled in the use of Apple Mac computers.

Job search

  • Heard about vacancy from colleagues in department
  • Position also advertised externally


  • Sent CV
  • Informal interview

Keys to success

  • Academic experience
  • Practical experience
  • Communication skills
  • Industry experience

Benefits of PhD

The main benefit for Kathryn was her own satisfaction from the successful completion of the project. However, there were other benefits:

  • Recognition for work and ability
  • Published a book
  • Networking
  • Taken seriously in the academic world

Future options

  • Continuing in academic work
  • Teaching/freelance work and writing for the specialist press

Things to do now

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