Daniel (government agency)

A Research Graduate from the department of Meteorology, Daniel has a three year contract working as a research scientist with an environmental research organisation. His work involves environmental and meteorological computer modelling and he works with a small team of collaborators in Research Institutions overseas.

His day-to-day work is self directed and the skills and personal qualities required are technical (IT) skills, self-motivation, initiative and good communication skills, also analytical and innovative thinking.

Job search

Vacancy notified through PhD superviser who worked in the sponsoring organisation.


  • Completed application form
  • One formal interview

Keys to success

  • Relevant research knowledge
  • Known to the Line Manager

Benefits of PhD

  • Growth in self confidence
  • Development of practical skills, particularly computer skills
  • Chance to develop contacts

Future options

Would prefer to become a permanent member of staff in present organisation.

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