Anita (self-employed)

A Research Graduate from the department of Electronic Engineering, Anita is currently working as a contractor for a multinational electronics company. She is a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) programmer. The job involves writing code for hardware chip to chip communication. While Anita is part of a project team on a day-to-day basis she works on her own or with one other person. So far her contract has been renewed three times.

The skills required for this type of work are essentially technical, but as a contractor, confidence, self reliance and flexibility are important attributes.

This is Anita's second job since she completed her PhD. Her first job was with a small IT company providing technical consultancy for a wide variety of clients.

Job search

  • Researching large, relevant companies for speculative applications
  • Networking
  • Sent CV to specialist recruitment consultants


First job

  • Submitted CV via company contact
  • One informal interview

Present job

  • Submitted CV to specialist Recruitment Consultants

Keys to success

First job

  • Technical knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • "Fitted in"

Present job

  • Technical knowledge
  • Technical skills

Benefits of PhD

  • Growth of self confidence
  • Technical knowledge and skills
  • Presentation skills

Future options

  • Continue as contractor
  • Start own business
  • Join company as employee

Things to do now

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