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Terms and conditions for advertising vacancies

  1. The Careers, Placement and Experience Centre (The Careers Centre) asserts full editorial control over the vacancies submitted to its website.
  2. The Careers Centre must establish that organisations registering with us are legitimate companies offering genuine work opportunities for our students and graduates. Although we reserve the right to refuse to advertise a vacancy without giving a specific reason, some common grounds for rejecting an organisation include:
    • no business email address is provided (e.g. googlemail or hotmail address is given)
    • no website address is provided (this makes it difficult for the University and its students to research and verify the organisation)
    • the closing date supplied (ie the minimum advertising period) is less than nine working days from the date of the vacancy submission
  3. Employers must ensure that all advertisements are fully compliant with current employment legislation.
  4. The Careers Centre will not advertise the following:
    • vacancies that pay below the adult minimum wage
    • vacancies that pay commission only
    • vacancies that require an individual to be self-employed
    • vacancies where students are employed by a private individual or household (with the exception of opportunities under point 7, below)
    • vacancies that require students to make any form of payment
    • unpaid vacancies where there is no genuine exemption from paying the national minimum wage*
  5. * Unpaid vacancies (including placement opportunities) - The Careers Centre receives a high volume of vacancies every day, most of which are paid and offer at least the adult minimum wage. Whilst we appreciate organisations regularly look to offer "work experience" for our students, either a short term project or a few hours a week for example, The Careers Centre has the responsibility to ensure that any unpaid opportunities we promote to our students are fair and valuable sources of work experience and not just "unpaid work". Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse the promotion of unpaid opportunities which are:
    • promoted by anyone other than registered charities or voluntary groups
    • actual job vacancies which would normally be filled by a permanent or temporary member of staff (e.g. data input, telesales, administrative work, filing, market research)
    • ongoing (e.g. 20 hours a week for 3 months or longer term)
    • require students to make any form of payment
    We understand that specific sectors traditionally offer unpaid experience in order for students to gain a foothold in the industry, e.g. media and arts, however, we review each unpaid opportunity on a case by case basis.

  6. The Careers Centre does not accept advertisements that contain a blanket ban on the recruitment of non-EEA students and graduates, unless the vacancy is exempt from discrimination provisions under the Equality Act etc. However, rather than reject the vacancy, The Careers Centre will remove any statements containing the phrase "candidates must have permission to work in the UK" (or similar) before publishing. This type of statement could deter potentially eligible candidates from applying for job vacancies and is misleading. The Careers Centre recommends that employers treat all candidates the same and assess their applications on merits and suitability for the job alone. In order to fulfil your obligations as an employer, we suggest that you provide information to all candidates called for interview of the documentation that you require to assess eligibility to work in the UK. You should also consider giving potential employees the option of indicating if they will need assistance from your company in applying for immigration permission to work in the UK.
  7. Private Employment - We can only advertise home based support for individuals in receipt of Direct Payments or a personal budget from the local council, for which you must provide evidence by way of a recent letter from your direct payments / personal budget team worker. Please see:

    The roles advertised by Direct Payment holders may include personal assistants, carers, tutors, cleaners and gardeners, for example.

    If you cannot provide evidence, unfortunately we will not be able to advertise your position. Please contact us at
  8. As part of a University-wide policy, The Careers Centre will not advertise part-time jobs that require students to work more than 20 hours a week during term time. This is because we do not want students' work to interfere with their studies. Please also see our Code of Conduct for employers if you wish to advertise a part-time position via our Job Shop.
  9. Placements - Please note that schools and departments within The University may have additional criteria for placement opportunity providers, especially those offering 12-month placements; an approval of a placement opportunity by The Careers Centre does not infer an endorsement of the full criteria a school or department may require. Please ensure you discuss this with students prior to making a recruitment decision, or contact us for guidance.
  10. Vacancies submitted via My Jobs Online (formerly Target Connect) will not automatically appear on the website. Organisation registrations and vacancy postings are proofread and approved by a member of staff. We aim to approve all vacancies within two working days of receiving them, exceptionally within three working days.
  11. My Jobs Online limits the text for opportunity descriptions to 1000 words; the system will generate an error message if you exceed this word count. If you have further documents and text, please consider hosting these on your organisation's website and linking back to it.
  12. Please provide a closing date for your vacancy. If there is no closing date, we will advertise the vacancy on the website for 12 weeks. This can be extended if required via the My Jobs Online login. Please note that we operate a minimum advertising period of nine working days from the date the vacancy is submitted to us – to provide you with the best prospect of attracting interest in your opportunity and to allow applicants appropriate time to view it and prepare a proper application.
  13. Please provide full contact details including postal address, email address and phone number. You can specify admin only contact details and student application details with your My Jobs Online profile.
  14. Vacancies are listed on a closed access website - ie are accessible only by University of Reading students and recent graduates. You are able to update your vacancy listings via the My Jobs Online login. Please ensure that you provide contact details or a link to your website for full job descriptions, person specifications and application forms.
  15. In an effort to keep the list as broad and varied as possible, we reserve the right to reject multiple vacancy postings.

Please do not submit vacancies in capital letters.

Note to recruitment agencies

The Careers Centre will only post adverts for specific vacancies. We do not run generic adverts for recruitment agencies. If you wish to advertise a vacancy but do not want to publicise the name of your client, we are happy to run adverts without this information. However, you must divulge the name of your client to the Careers, Placement and Experience Centre when you submit a vacancy.

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