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2006 Placements

Placements piloted in 2006 by Deptartment/School

Agriculture; Archaeology; Biological Sciences; Museum of English Rural Life.


Relationships between the behaviour, social interactions, health and productivity of newly-calved dairy heifers.

Supervised by Dr Patricia Aikman, placement student Deborah Mortimer.

Resource heterogeneity and diversity – productivity relationships in a model plant community.

Supervised by Dr Andy Wilby.

Rural Environmental Land Use Programme.

Supervised by Dr Alex Lobb, placement student Elliot Payne.

Germination of biotypes of Chenopodium album.

Supervised by Dr Alistair Murdoch, placement student Julian Roy Nicholls.

Exploring the Effects of temperature and rainfall on historical crop yields.

Supervised by Dr Tim Wheeler, placement student Clive Evans.

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Romano-British Material Culture.

Supervised by Dr Hella Eckardt.

Silchester Environs Project

Supervised by Dr John Creighton, placement student Robert Fry.[Back to Top]

Biological Sciences

The Effect of Drugs on the Development of Forensically Important Blowfly Larvae

Supervised by Dr Amanda Callaghan, placement student Ming Xiao Zhang.

Beetle Diversity and Habitat Management

Supervised by Dr Graham Holloway, placement students Demian Lyle, Simon Taber and Faye Webster. [Back to Top]

Museum of English Rural Life

Conservation Awareness Project

Supervised by Fred van de Geer.

Museum History Archives Project

Supervised by Caroline Gould, placement student Claire Hughes.

University Artworks Project

Supervised by Rhianned Smith, placement student Jennifer Guildford. [Back to Top]