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Several of the collections of publishers archives and records are on deposit here at the University of Reading by the Random House Group. These are:

Accessing the archives

Permission to access and publish files from Random House collections is granted by Random House. We would recommend you contact the Random House Archive & Library (see contact details below) regarding your request. Random House Archive & Library will require written permission from the author's copyright holder before proceeding. Once permission has been granted Random House Archive & Library will email you and us. The WATCH Project database is a useful resource for searching for copyright holders

You may find some archive material for the author, book or subject area you are researching catalogued on our online database There may also be un-catalogued material relating to the author etc. which may be useful in your research (Special Collections can advise further with this). This could include information in ledgers (such as stock and order books), publicity files or letter books.

We would recommend that you search our database and email PRH and us with a list of records that you wish to access. Please include the reference code, the title, and the date (where applicable). PRH will inform you of the permissions required to access those records.

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