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Special Collections Archives: World War One

Special Collections holds archives relating to World War One, mainly in the Huntley and Palmers archive.  The list below is not a complete list of sources, you can click here to browse our online database and discover more records.


The Reading Connections project team and volunteers researched the servicemen, and women, who are listed on the Reading University College WW1 memorial.  Information from a variety of external sources as well as the University's own archives were drawn together to provide as complete as possible biography for each person listed. The University Archive holds a commemorative volume of photographs of a large number of the servicemen and women. A Flickr site has now been lauched where the public can view the photos and information on them as well as add any records they may have. Research is also being carried out on servicemen and women who survived and this will be made available in 2015. 

(Photograph of Geoffrey Lynn Thomas, M.C.)

Includes World War I correspondence

MS 1416 1/2/653-676.

Book entitled Nancy Astor's Canadian correspondence, 1912-1962 edited by Martin Thornton

Click here for a BBC Radio programme on Papers relating to Cliveden, Berkshire: Lady Astor's Red Cross Hospital.


Nine wartime recipe books, 1914-1919

HP 234/1 - 234/9

Ledger recording additions to and discontinuations in the ranges of Huntley & Palmers biscuits and cakes and price alterations, 1890-1929

HP 56

Leaflet for 'Reading Biscuit Factory Excursion Fund', 1914-1915

HP 85

Newspaper cuttings, pamphlets and papers relating to the industrial unrest at Huntley & Palmers factory, December 1911-February 1912

HP 86

'Our work in the War and reconstruction': small illustrated pamphlet issued by Huntley & Palmers, c.1920

HP 102

Particulars of army biscuits supplied to the War Office August

HP OS 618

Illustrated colour catalogues of Huntley & Palmers biscuits and cakes

HP 168

Letter sent to members of Huntley & Palmers staff concerning the outbreak of war, dated 29 August 1914

HP 86

35 photographs (some of which duplicates) of the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Huntley & Palmers factory, 12 March 1918

HP 124

Minute book recording meetings of the Executive of Huntley & Palmers with the Reading Biscuit Factory Committee, Men and Women's sections (subsequently the Reading Biscuit Factory Worker's Representative Committee) 1916-1917.

HP OS 461

Board of Directors Minutes, Jul 1915-Mar 1919

HP OS 453

Roll of honour of employees of Peek, Frean and Company Limited who served their King and Country in the great European War 1918

MS 1216 29/2

Book of Remembrance of those members of The University College Reading who fell in the War1914-1918. See also the Flickr site MS 5339

RAF occupation of Wantage Hall in WWI (1914 - 1918), RAF correspondence (1914 - 1922), Royal Flying School of Instruction correspondence (1914 - 1919) and Wantage Hall - use of the hall for military purpose

University History Box 78 and 81


Special Collections Library: World War One

The Special Collections library holds several items relating to World War One. If you are interested in the University of Reading over the World War One period, a good place to start may be the Calendars and Proceedings of the University held in our open access library (call number 378.4229).

Our full holdings can be searched on the catalogue here. A key word search using the term 'World War, 1914-1918' will aid in browsing the online catalogue to discover more records.

Below are a few works of particular interest:

Agriculture and food supply

Galsworthy, The land: a plea. 1918



We hold several books of WW1 poetry, mainly in the Elkins Matthews Collection and Finzi Collection (e.g. at Finzi Book Room Shelf 8A/09; 18A/17; 18B/06; 22D/33; 22F/78).

These can be searched using the subject heading: 'World War, 1914-1918 Poetry'.


Hammerton, The war illustrated : a pictorial record of the conflict of the nations. 1914-1919


Nelson's portfolio of war pictures: the war story told pictorially in a series of large plates. 1914-15 RESERVE FOLIO--940.49-NEL 1-2

The wipers times : a facsimile reprint of the trench magazines. ( v. 1, no. 1 - v. 2, no. 4)


Daily Chronicle, The war budget: a weekly photographic record of the Great War. 1914-1917


Reading Standard, Berkshire and the war: the "Reading Standard" pictorial record. (Vols 2-3). 1916-19 RESERVE FOLIO--942.29-BER


War Cabinet, Report for the year. 1917-1918


Women in WW1

War Office, Women's war work : in maintaining the industries & export trade of the United Kingdom : information officially compiled for the use of recruiting officers, military representatives and tribunals. 1916


Murray, Women as army surgeons : being the history of the Women's Hospital Corps in Paris, Wimereux and Endell Street, September 1914 - October 1919. 1920



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