STAY@Reading Parking

Associates who have booked accommodation via Stay@Reading may apply for a parking permit to keep their vehicle at their Hall of Residence by completing the below form. Please attach a copy of your booking confirmation before submitting.

The current cost of a permit is £12.36 a month - please note this is not available at a pro rata rate.

Parking at the University is subject to the Parking Regulations. Anyone infringing the regulations is likely to receive a warning notice and a fine of £75.

* Indicates required information

Vehicle details

Personal details

Details of Stay




  • I declare that the vehicle detailed above is insured against third party risks for use on public and private roads.
  • I hold a full driving licence for the class of vehicle that the application refers to.
  • I have read and understood and agree to abide by the parking regulations relating to the use of vehicles on campus.
  • I accept the conditions under which permits are granted

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