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Parents to be

The experience of waiting to have or adopt a child can be exciting but overwhelming. Here we have collected together relevant information and links from the University to help you navigate this time more easily.

On this page you can also find information about where find the University's leave policies and related documents, as well as and examples of how colleagues have used family leave in different situations.


Risk Assessment

A risk assessment should be carried out by your manager during your pregnancy. This should be reviewed at intervals throughout your pregnancy in case anything changes.

Links to Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment Form can be found on the Human Resources Family Leave page.

For more information about the assessment and other guidance for expectant mothers in the workplace, read the document below.


The University recognises that the adoption of a child carries responsibilities and pressures not necessarily associated with maternity. The policies and forms relating to adoption leave can be found on the Family Leave webpages.

The Parent and Family Network has a subgroup for parents of adopted children. Join our Teams group to find out more and connect with parents who have adopted or are considering adoption.

Policies and forms

Links to all of the policy documents, forms, risk assessments and some example letters can be found on the Human Resources Family Leave webpages.

Case study - Shared Parental Leave

"I enjoy my career and my work, but I also have a bigger role - I'm a father to my children and a husband to my wife. That's why I was grateful for the opportunity to take Shared Parental Leave (SPL) following the birth of my son, Luke" - King Wong, DTS

Read more about King's story on Faces of Reading

Case study - Adoption Leave

"We were confirmed as the family to take him on the Tuesday evening, and arrangements were made for us to collect him on Thursday. In the middle of that, I was sorting my work and making plans to embark on Adoption Leave... This was where support from my manager was really vital and the ready agreement to let me take the Adoption Leave was a real help to set up our family." - Nicola Johnson