Literature and Languages - Modules for 2023-24

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
EN0CIDChanging Identities0More information
EN0EHEnvironmental Humanities0More information
EN0FNFilm Narrative0More information
EN0GIDGlobal Identities0More information
EN0SFSStudy for Success0More information
EN1COMPWhat is Comparative Literature?1More information
EN1CWIntroduction to Creative Writing1More information
EN1GCGenre and Context1More information
EN1PEPoetry in English1More information
EN1RCResearch and Criticism1More information
EN1SLShelf Life1More information
EN1TCLTwentieth-Century American Literature1More information
EN1TRANSThinking Translation: History and Theory1More information
EN2BBThe Business of Books2More information
EN2CFContemporary Fiction2More information
EN2CMNChaucer and Medieval Narrative2More information
EN2CRICritical Issues2More information
EN2CWNCreative Writing: Creative Nonfiction2More information
EN2CWPCreative Writing: Poetry2More information
EN2CWSCreative Writing: The Short Story2More information
EN2MODModernism in Poetry and Fiction2More information
EN2OELIntroduction to Old English Literature2More information
EN2RPThe Romantic Period2More information
EN2RTCRenaissance Texts and Cultures2More information
EN2SAYStudy Abroad Year2More information
EN2SHShakespeare2More information
EN2VICVictorian Literature2More information
EN2WAWriting America2More information
EN2WGI"Writing, Gender, Identity"2More information
EN2WPSWriting in the Public Sphere2More information
EN2YPEPlacement Experience Year2More information
EN3AGNAmerican Graphic Novels3More information
EN3AHHitchcock3More information
EN3BAVBritish Black and Asian Voices: 1948 to the Present3More information
EN3CFContemporary American Fiction3More information
EN3CLChildren's Literature3More information
EN3CWCreative Writing Dissertation3More information
EN3DDDecadence and Degeneration: Literature of the 1880s and 1890s3More information
EN3DISDissertation3More information
EN3LHLiterature and Healing3More information
EN3LMHLiterature and Mental Health3More information
EN3MATMargaret Atwood3More information
EN3MOMedieval Otherworlds3More information
EN3MPSCreative Writing Masterclass: Prose3More information
EN3MPYCreative Writing Masterclass: Poetry3More information
EN3PAPlacing Jane Austen3More information
EN3PDIPart-time English Dissertation3More information
EN3PSYPsychoanalysis and Text3More information
EN3RFFrom Romance to Fantasy3More information
EN3SHFShakespeare on Film3More information
EN3TBSThe Bloody Stage: Revenge and Death in Renaissance Drama3More information
EN3UTDUtopia and Dystopia in English and American Literature3More information
EN3VWVirginia Woolf and Bloomsbury3More information
EN3WWPWriting Women: Nineteenth Century Poetry3More information
ENMBECSamuel BeckettMMore information
ENMCH2Twentieth Century Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCH9Nineteenth Century Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCHCWCommonwealth Children’s Literature (Colonial and Post-colonial writing)MMore information
ENMCHDDissertationMMore information
ENMCHEPost-Graduate Diploma EssayMMore information
ENMCHF"Children's Film, Television, and Radio"MMore information
ENMCHMMyth and Folktale in Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCHNNorth American Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCHPPopular Forms of Children's FictionMMore information
ENMCHTTheory of Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCLEContemporary Literature and EthnicityMMore information
ENMCWDCreative Writing DissertationMMore information
ENMENLEighteenth and Nineteenth-Century LiteratureMMore information
ENMMACModern and Contemporary LiteratureMMore information
ENMMEDDissertationMMore information
ENMMETOpening Up Medieval English TextsMMore information
ENMMLFModern Literary Feminisms: Theories/Praxis/TextsMMore information
ENMMTMateriality and TextualityMMore information
ENMPBBPublishing and the Business of BooksMMore information
ENMPD1Project Development 1MMore information
ENMPD2Project Development 2MMore information
ENMWLThis Writing Life: Get Published, Keep GoingMMore information
ENMWRWWomen’s Rights, Women’s WritingMMore information
FR1IFCIntroduction to French Culture1More information
FR1L1Beginners French Language1More information
FR1L2Intermediate French Language1More information
FR1L3Advanced French Language I1More information
FR1MMFThe Making of Modern France1More information
FR2FWWThe First World War: Then and Now2More information
FR2GFLSGlobal French Life-Stories2More information
FR2HTFHow to Think in French2More information
FR2L2Intermediate French Language2More information
FR2L3Advanced French Language I2More information
FR2L4Advanced French Language II2More information
FR3L3Advanced French Language I3More information
FR3L4Advanced French Language II3More information
FR3L6Advanced French Language III3More information
FR3L6CAdvanced French Language III3More information
FR3LMBFrench Language for Management & Business II3More information
FR3PFPhilanthropy à la française: the history of ideas and practices in the French third sector3More information
FR3PMFrench Popular Music and Society3More information
GM1IMGIcons of Modern Germany1More information
GM1L1Beginners German Language1More information
GM1L2Intermediate German Language1More information
GM1L3Advanced German Language I1More information
GM1TGGerman Texts and Genres1More information
GM2CGCinema of Germany2More information
GM2GDC"Glorification, Denial and Contempt – Reconstructing Austria’s Past"2More information
GM2L2German Language II2More information
GM2L3Advanced German Language I2More information
GM2L4Advanced German Language II2More information
GM3L3German Language 33More information
GM3L4Advanced German Language II3More information
GM3L6Advanced German Language III3More information
GM3L6CAdvanced German Language III (3-yr prog)3More information
GM3LMBGerman Language for Management & Business II3More information
GM3LNIThe German Language and National identity3More information
GM3WOSWar on Screen - Germany and its films about WWII3More information
IT10MIMaking Italians: A Journey in the History and Culture of Modern Italy1More information
IT1ILIntroduction to Linguistics1More information
IT1L1Beginners Italian Language1More information
IT1L2Intermediate Italian Language1More information
IT1L3Advanced Italian Language I1More information
IT2INT'Apocalittici e integrati': Intellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy2More information
IT2L2Intermediate Italian Language2More information
IT2L3Advanced Italian Language I2More information
IT2L4Advanced Italian Language II2More information
IT2LVS"One country, many languages. Linguistic variety and society in contemporary Italy"2More information
IT3CCO"Crisis, Change, Opportunity: Italy from 1968 to the Present"3More information
IT3L3Advanced Italian Language I3More information
IT3L4Advanced Italian Language II3More information
IT3L6Advanced Italian Language III3More information
IT3L6CAdvanced Italian Language III (3-yr programme)3More information
IT3LDILanguage, Diversity, and Inclusion: The representation of the otherness in Italian context3More information
IT3LMBItalian Language for Management & Business3More information
LA1PA2IWLP Arabic 21More information
LA1PA3IWLP Arabic 31More information
LA1PA8IWLP Arabic 11More information
LA1PB1IWLP British Sign Language 11More information
LA1PB2IWLP British Sign Language 21More information
LA1PB3IWLP British Sign Language 31More information
LA1PC1IWLP Chinese 11More information
LA1PC2IWLP Chinese 21More information
LA1PC3IWLP Chinese 31More information
LA1PF1IWLP French 11More information
LA1PF2IWLP French 21More information
LA1PF3IWLP French 31More information
LA1PF4IWLP French 41More information
LA1PG1IWLP German 11More information
LA1PG2IWLP German 21More information
LA1PG3IWLP German 31More information
LA1PI1IWLP Italian 11More information
LA1PI2IWLP Italian 21More information
LA1PI3IWLP Italian 31More information
LA1PJ1IWLP Japanese 11More information
LA1PJ2IWLP Japanese 21More information
LA1PJ3IWLP Japanese 31More information
LA1PK1IWLP Modern Greek 11More information
LA1PK2IWLP Modern Greek 21More information
LA1PR1IWLP Russian 11More information
LA1PR2IWLP Russian 21More information
LA1PR3IWLP Russian 31More information
LA1PS1IWLP Spanish 11More information
LA1PS2IWLP Spanish 21More information
LA1PS3IWLP Spanish 31More information
LS1ELSEnglish Language and Society1More information
LS1GLGlobalization and Language1More information
LS1SG"Sounds, Grammar & Meaning"1More information
LS1TALTechniques and Skills for Applied Linguistics1More information
LS2ANSAnalysing Speech2More information
LS2DANDiscourse Analysis2More information
LS2EGEnglish Grammar2More information
LS2EPEnglish Phonology2More information
LS2LAGLanguage and Gender2More information
LS2LAMLanguage and the Mind2More information
LS2LATIntroduction to English Language Teaching2More information
LS2LNMLanguage and New Media2More information
LS2SLGSociolinguistics2More information
LS2TSATerm Study Abroad2More information
LS2YPEPlacement Experience Year2More information
LS2YSAStudy Abroad2More information
LS3DCLChild Language Development3More information
LS3DIDissertation3More information
LS3ICIntercultural Communications3More information
LS3ICLIntroduction to Corpus Linguistics3More information
LS3LMGLanguage and Migration3More information
LS3LPCLanguage in Professional Communication3More information
LS3LSTTeaching the Language Skills3More information
LS3PCPProfessional Communication Project3More information
LSMADAApproaches to Discourse AnalysisMMore information
LSMADARApproaches to Discourse AnalysisMMore information
LSMAPALAcademic Practices in Applied LinguisticsMMore information
LSMCLChild Language DevelopmentMMore information
LSMCLRChild Language DevelopmentMMore information
LSMDIPLanguage Teaching PortfolioMMore information
LSMDISDissertationMMore information
LSMDNRDissertation (MRes)MMore information
LSMDRNDissertation (MRes)MMore information
LSMERMEssentials of Research MethodsMMore information
LSMFLSFoundations of Language StudyMMore information
LSMICIntercultural CommunicationMMore information
LSMICLIntroduction to Corpus LinguisticsMMore information
LSMICLRIntroduction to Corpus LinguisticsMMore information
LSMICRIntercultural CommunicationMMore information
LSMLCLLanguage Curriculum DesignMMore information
LSMLCRLanguage Curriculum DesignMMore information
LSMLMGLanguage and MigrationMMore information
LSMLMGRLanguage and MigrationMMore information
LSMLPCLanguage in Professional CommunicationMMore information
LSMLSTIssues in Language Skills TeachingMMore information
LSMPROFull dissertation proposalMMore information
LSMRDMResearch Design MethodsMMore information
LSMSLSecond Language Learning PrinciplesMMore information
LSMSLRSecond Language Learning PrinciplesMMore information
LSMSOCSociolinguisticsMMore information
LSMSORSociolinguisticsMMore information
LSMTPLanguage Testing PrinciplesMMore information
LSMTPRLanguage Testing PrinciplesMMore information
LSMTTPFull Dissertation ProposalMMore information
ML1COMPWhat is Comparative Literature?1More information
ML1GECGreats of European Cinema1More information
ML1ILIntroduction to Linguistics1More information
ML1TRANSThinking Translation: History and Theory1More information
ML2GF"Science, perversion, and dream in global fantastic literature"2More information
ML2STA"Society, Thought, and Art in Modern Europe"2More information
ML2UNR"Unity, Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe"2More information
ML2YL5Year Abroad Language2More information
ML2YS1Semester 1 Study or Work Placement Abroad2More information
ML2YS2Semester 2 Study or Work Placement Abroad2More information
ML3EEExtended Essay3More information
ML3ICIdentity and Conflict in Modern Europe3More information
ML3LPLanguage and Power3More information
MLMDISDissertationMMore information
MLMIMSIntroduction to Migration StudiesMMore information
MLMWPPWork Placement or Extended ProjectMMore information
SP1I1Icons of Spain and Latin America: From conquest to independence; from revolution to globalisation1More information
SP1L1Beginners Spanish Language1More information
SP1L2Intermediate Spanish Language1More information
SP1L3Advanced Spanish Language 11More information
SP1SLACIntroduction to Spanish and Latin American Culture1More information
SP2CRCulture & Revolution in Modern Latin America2More information
SP2L2Intermediate Spanish Language2More information
SP2L3Advanced Spanish Language I2More information
SP2L4Advanced Spanish Language II2More information
SP2MCNModern and Contemporary Spanish Narratives2More information
SP2TTTransatlantic Exchanges: Latin America in the Global Nineteenth Century2More information
SP3L3Advanced Spanish Language I3More information
SP3L4Advanced Spanish Language II3More information
SP3L6Advanced Spanish Language III3More information
SP3L6CAdvanced Spanish Language III (3-year programme)3More information
SP3LMBSpanish Language for Management & Business3More information
SP3MDR"Memory, Dictatorship and Cultural Resistance in the Southern Cone"3More information
SP3NCCNarrating the Colombian Conflict3More information
SP3WPSWriters and Publishers in Spain3More information

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