Education - Modules for 2023-24

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
ED1AC1"The Arts, Children and Education 1: Art Education and the Role of the Subject Leader in Primary Art"1More information
ED1AC2"The Arts, Children and Education 1: English"1More information
ED1AC3"The Arts, Children and Education 1 : Music"1More information
ED1AC4"Mathematics, Children and Education 1"1More information
ED1BCLCreative Learning through the Arts1More information
ED1BECEducation for Inclusion1More information
ED1BEDDiscovering Education: An exploration of Key Educational Issues1More information
ED1BPTPsychology and Theories of Learning1More information
ED1BSE"Sociology, Education and Social Justice"1More information
ED1EC1English and Communication in the Primary Curriculum 11More information
ED1EFIThe Primary Classroom: Education for Inclusion1More information
ED1FCSThe Child in Society (1)1More information
ED1FDLTheories of development and learning1More information
ED1FLSLearning Spaces1More information
ED1FPPPartnership with Parents1More information
ED1FPSProfessional Skills in the Children’s Workforce1More information
ED1MP1Mathematics in the Primary School1More information
ED1PS1Professional Studies 11More information
ED1SP1Teaching Practical Sessions in Science and Physical Education1More information
ED1SX1School Experience 11More information
ED2AC1"The Arts, Children and Education 2 : Concepts in Art Education"2More information
ED2AC2"The Arts, Children and Education 2: English"2More information
ED2AC3"The Arts, Children and Education 2 : Music"2More information
ED2AC4"Mathematics, Children and Education 2"2More information
ED2BDECritiquing Education: where theory meets the professional space2More information
ED2BEPContemporary Education and Policy2More information
ED2BGPGlobal perspectives in Education2More information
ED2BHHHead and Heart: Education for Wisdom and Community2More information
ED2BLELeadership in Education2More information
ED2BLG"Learning Gender: Exploring the Links Between Gender, Education and Society"2More information
ED2EC1English and Communication in The Primary Curriculum 22More information
ED2FCSThe Child in Society (2)2More information
ED2FCTCreativity and Critical Thinking2More information
ED2FCWLeadership in the Children’s Workforce2More information
ED2FDLSupporting development and learning for 0 – 11 years2More information
ED2FIPInternational Perspectives2More information
ED2FPRPractitioner Research2More information
ED2GCPGlobal Citizenship in the Primary Classroom2More information
ED2MS1Enabling Progress in Mathematics and Science2More information
ED2PF1The Foundation Subjects in the Primary Curriculum2More information
ED2PS1Professional Studies 22More information
ED2SX1School Experience 22More information
ED2TS2Development of transferable skills through a school placement 22More information
ED2TSCTheatre for Social Change2More information
ED3AC1"The Arts, Children and Education 3: Contemporary Art and the primary curriculum"3More information
ED3AC2"The Arts, Children and Education 3: English"3More information
ED3AC3"The Arts, Children And Education 3 : Music"3More information
ED3AC4"Mathematics, Children and Education 3"3More information
ED3BFDDissertation3More information
ED3BHWHealth and Well - being: Consequences and Responsibilities3More information
ED3BMUUnderstanding the Theory and Practice of Mentoring3More information
ED3BPDProfessional Development 33More information
ED3EM1Refining Pedagogy in English and Mathematics3More information
ED3FCDChild Development3More information
ED3FDDDissertation in Children’s Development and Learning3More information
ED3FRLReflective Leaders of Learning3More information
ED3GPTGuided Practical Teaching3More information
ED3IPTIndependent Practical Teaching3More information
ED3PCSProviding Children’s Services3More information
ED3PF1The Foundation Subjects in the Primary Curriculum3More information
ED3PGGGuided teaching PGPrimary3More information
ED3PGIIndependent teaching PGPrimary3More information
ED3PGPPPGCE Primary Portfolio – learning and teaching the curriculum3More information
ED3PGSTShared teaching PGPrimary3More information
ED3PI1Professional Studies and Inclusion3More information
ED3PTGPGuided Teaching (Primary)3More information
ED3PTGSGuided Teaching (Secondary)3More information
ED3PTIPIndependent Teaching (Primary)3More information
ED3PTISIndependent Teaching (Secondary)3More information
ED3PTSPShared Teaching (Primary)3More information
ED3PTSSShared Teaching (Secondary)3More information
ED3SEPSchool Education Project3More information
ED3SP1Formative Assessment In Science And Physical Education3More information
ED3SX1School Experience 33More information
ED3TS4Development of transferable skills through a school placement 43More information
EDM001Developing expertise in teachingMMore information
EDM007Investigating EducationMMore information
EDM084Second Language Teaching and LearningMMore information
EDM095Developing expertise in teachingMMore information
EDM096Academic English and Study SkillsMMore information
EDM097English Language Education DissertationMMore information
EDM101Assessment and MeasurementMMore information
EDM102Research Methods in English Language EducationMMore information
EDM104Child Development and EducationMMore information
EDM114Independent Study in EducationMMore information
EDM133MA Education dissertationMMore information
EDM167Second Language Teaching and LearningMMore information
EDM169Research Methods Part A and BMMore information
EDM173Educational Leadership and ManagementMMore information
EDM174Values and Practices in EducationMMore information
EDM179Theory of EducationMMore information
EDM181Quantitative Research Methods in EducationMMore information
EDM182Professional Studies: The Reflective Early Years TeacherMMore information
EDM185Teaching and learning in healthcareMMore information
EDM186The professional self and healthcareMMore information
EDM187Working with others in health careMMore information
EDM188Educating Diverse GroupsMMore information
EDM190Developing mentoring excellence (theory and practice)MMore information
EDM191Classroom MusicianshipMMore information
EDM192Student Enrichment ProgrammeMMore information
EDM194Professionalism in the 21st CenturyMMore information
EDM198The Creative EducatorMMore information
EDM200Families and LearningMMore information
EDM201Analysing Research Data in EducationMMore information
EDM202Future Leaders in EducationMMore information
EDM203SEND Policies and ProceduresMMore information
EDM204Educating Learners with Diverse NeedsMMore information
EDMAP1Introduction to Academic PracticeMMore information
EDMAP2Developing Academic PracticeMMore information
EDMAP3Academic Research and PracticeMMore information
EDMPIPInvestigating PracticeMMore information
EDMPLSLeadershipMMore information
EDMPPSProfessional Studies: the Reflective PractitionerMMore information
EDMPRTThe Reflective TeacherMMore information

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