Chemistry, Food Biosciences and Pharmacy - Modules for 2016-17

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
CH0CHEChemistry0More information
CH0IJInformation Systems0More information
CH0ISInformation Systems0More information
CH0STAStatistics0More information
CH0STJStatistics0More information
CH1CC2Chemical Concepts and Skills 11More information
CH1FC1Fundamental Concepts in Chemistry 11More information
CH1FC3Molecular Studies for the Life Sciences1More information
CH1IN1Fundamentals of Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table1More information
CH1MChemistry M1More information
CH1M2Mathematics M21More information
CH1OR1Shape, Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry1More information
CH1OR2Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry1More information
CH1OR4Further Fundamental Organic Chemistry for Biologists1More information
CH1PH1Physical Processes and Molecular Organisation1More information
CH1PH2Physical Processes for Biologists1More information
CH1PRALaboratory Skills for Chemists1More information
CH2AN3Analytical Chemistry2More information
CH2CC2Chemical Concepts and Skills 22More information
CH2E2Environmental Chemistry 22More information
CH2FAForensic Analysis 12More information
CH2IN1Further Inorganic Chemistry2More information
CH2MC2Medicinal Chemistry 2 for Chemists2More information
CH2NUIBSc Applied Chemistry Year 2 (NUIST)2More information
CH2OR1Further Organic Chemistry2More information
CH2PH1Further Physical Chemistry2More information
CH2PRACExtended Laboratory Skills for Chemists2More information
CH3AN1X-ray Techniques & Databases in Analytical Chemistry3More information
CH3AN2Advanced Analytical Techniques for Inorganic Structure Determination3More information
CH3CRPIntroduction to Chemistry Research and Practice3More information
CH3DLPlacement Distance Learning3More information
CH3ENGEnglish Language for Chemists3More information
CH3I1d and f block chemistry3More information
CH3I2Clusters, Extended Arrays and Solid-State Chemistry3More information
CH3NUIHealth and Safety and Professional Skills3More information
CH3O1Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets3More information
CH3O2Advanced Organic Chemistry - Contemporary Synthetic Methodology3More information
CH3P1Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 13More information
CH3P2Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 23More information
CH3PINBSc Industrial Placement3More information
CH3PRBSc Chemistry Project3More information
CH3PRAAdvanced Laboratory Skills3More information
CH3PRACAdvanced Chemistry Practical Training3More information
CH3PREBSc Chemistry Education Project3More information
CH3PRFBSc Chemistry Project - Forensic Analysis3More information
CH3PRJResearch Project3More information
CH4AN1Advanced Analytical Techniques for the Molecular Sciences4More information
CH4CRCurrent Topics in Chemical Research4More information
CH4I2Catalysis4More information
CH4I3Functional Inorganic Materials4More information
CH4O1Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets (2)4More information
CH4O4Oligosaccharides and Natural Products4More information
CH4P3Advanced Techniques in Physical Chemistry4More information
CH4P4Polymer & Biophysical Chemistry4More information
CH4PCPolymer Chemistry4More information
CH4PRMChem Chemistry Project4More information
CH4SKChemistry in Industry and Professional Skills4More information
FB1AG2Farm to Fork1More information
FB1BFNFundamental Biochemistry in Food and Nutrition1More information
FB1EP2Introduction to Food Processing and Engineering1More information
FB1FD1Food Dilemmas: Production, Security and Health1More information
FB1MB1Introduction to Food Microbiology1More information
FB1PNIntroduction to Human Physiology and Nutrition1More information
FB2C10Chemistry of Food Components2More information
FB2C20Composition and Properties of Foods2More information
FB2C30Composition, Properties and Analysis of Foods2More information
FB2CALEnglish for Science2More information
FB2EFAFood Processing A2More information
FB2EFPFood Processing2More information
FB2EPRProcess Engineering Principles2More information
FB2FC1Food Choice and Regulation2More information
FB2FQSFood Quality and Sensory Science2More information
FB2GPDBasic Food Product Development2More information
FB2IFCIssues in Food Choice2More information
FB2MF1Microbiology of food spoilage and preservation2More information
FB2MF2Microbiological Hazards in Foods2More information
FB2NEDNutritional Epidemiology and Dietary Assessment2More information
FB2NSNutritional Science2More information
FB2PUBNutritional Epidemiology and Dietary Assessment2More information
FB2PYAIndustrial Training Preparation2More information
FB2PYBIndustrial Training Year2More information
FB2SENSports and Exercise Nutrition2More information
FB3AFCAdvanced Food Chemistry3More information
FB3AFQAdvanced Food Quality, Safety and Sensory3More information
FB3FPDFood Product Development3More information
FB3FQSFood Quality and Sensory Science 23More information
FB3GINGlobal Issues in Nutrition and Health3More information
FB3GSAConsumer Attitudes to Food Quality3More information
FB3GSESensory Evaluation of Food3More information
FB3NGLGenes, Lifestyle and Nutrition (Part taught with FBMNH2)3More information
FB3NGLAGenes, Lifestyle and Nutrition3More information
FB3NHDNutrition, Health and Disease (Part taught with FBMNH1)3More information
FB3PFBResearch Project3More information
FB3PFEScience and Food Technology Education Project3More information
FB3PN2Public Health Nutrition 33More information
FB3PREScience and Food Technology Education Project3More information
FB3QASFood Quality Assurance and Safety3More information
FB3SFPSustainable Food Processing3More information
FBMC1Chemistry of Food Components BMMore information
FBMC2Chemistry of Food Components AMMore information
FBMF1AFood Analysis 1MMore information
FBMFCMFood Control ManagementMMore information
FBMFPFood ProcessingMMore information
FBMFPRResearch ProjectMMore information
FBMFRARisk Analysis in the Food ChainMMore information
FBMFSENSensory Evaluation of FoodMMore information
FBMGINGlobal Issues in Nutrition and HealthMMore information
FBMM1Food MicrobiologyMMore information
FBMM2AFood Microbiology and Safety AMMore information
FBMM2BFood Microbiology and Safety BMMore information
FBMNH1Nutrition in Health and DiseaseMMore information
FBMNH2Genes, Lifestyle and Nutrition in Health and DiseaseMMore information
FBMNMEMetabolismMMore information
FBMRSFPostgraduate Research Skills for FoodMMore information
FBMRSNPostgraduate Research Skills in NutritionMMore information
FZMR04Understanding and Influencing Consumer BehaviourMMore information
FZMR14What is Life Long Nutrition?MMore information
FZMR15Nutrition for a changing bodyMMore information
FZMR16Nutrition for specific populationsMMore information
PM1AFundamentals of Physiology1More information
PM1AMFundamentals of Physiology (UoRM Campus)1More information
PM1BMedicines Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery1More information
PM1BMMedicines Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery (UoRM Campus)1More information
PM1CIntroduction to Professionalism and Practice1More information
PM1CMIntroduction to Professionalism and Practice (UoRM Campus)1More information
PM2A2Therapeutics and medicines optimisation A2: Molecules and Medicines2More information
PM2BTherapeutics and Medicines Optimisation B: A Journey Through the GI Tract2More information
PM2C2Therapeutics and medicines optimisation C2: Therapeutics and Patient care2More information
PM2DDelivering Pharmacy Services2More information
PM3ATherapeutics and Medicines Optimisation D3More information
PM3BTherapeutics and Medicines Optimisation E3More information
PM3CDelivering Pharmacy Services 23More information
PM3COBCertificate in Obesity Management (Level 6)3More information
PM4APharmaceutical Research and Enquiry4More information
PM4BAdvanced Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice4More information
PM4NIPIndependent / supplementary prescribing for nurses (Level 6)4More information
PMM1PAPhysician Associate Pre-Clinical ModuleMMore information
PMM2PAPhysician Associate Clinical ModuleMMore information
PMMCOBCertificate in Obesity Management (Level 7)MMore information
PMMDP1Foundation Stage Module 2 AMMore information
PMMDP2Foundation Stage Module 2 BMMore information
PMMDP3Foundation Stage Module 2 CMMore information
PMMGP1Foundations of General PracticeMMore information
PMMNIPIndependent / supplementary prescribing for nursesMMore information
PMMPIPPractice Certificate in Independent Prescribing for PharmacistsMMore information

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