School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences - Modules for 2020-21

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
AR1EMP"Early Empires: Mesopotamia, Egypt & Rome"1More information
AR1FORForensic Anthropology and the Archaeology of Death1More information
AR1FOR10Forensic Anthropology and the Archaeology of Death [10 credit]1More information
AR1METArchaeology today: methods and practice1More information
AR1REVRevolutions in Human Behaviour: 4 Million Years BC to the Present1More information
AR1REV10Revolutions in Human Behaviour: 4 Million Years BC to the Present [10 credits]1More information
AR1SOCContemporary world cultures: an introduction to social anthropology1More information
AR2F12Archaeology Fieldschool Single Honours2More information
AR2F13Archaeology Fieldschool Joint Honours2More information
AR2F17Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Analysis2More information
AR2F20Professional Practice2More information
AR2FAOAncient objects: materials and meanings2More information
AR2L1Study Abroad2More information
AR2L10AStudy Abroad2More information
AR2L10BStudy Abroad2More information
AR2L2Study Abroad2More information
AR2L20AStudy Abroad2More information
AR2L20BStudy Abroad2More information
AR2M8"Medieval Europe: power, religion and death"2More information
AR2P14Prehistoric Europe: the first million years2More information
AR2R8Rome's Mediterranean Empire2More information
AR2SAYStudy Abroad in Archaeology2More information
AR2SBIBioarchaeology2More information
AR2SCF2Changing the Face of the Earth: Past, Present and Future Sustainability2More information
AR2TAH"Archaeology and heritage: past, present and future"2More information
AR3D1Dissertation3More information
AR3F1Post-Excavation: assessment, analysis & publication in the profession3More information
AR3M7The Archaeology of Crusading3More information
AR3P13Emergence of Civilisation in Mesopotamia3More information
AR3P20Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain3More information
AR3P21The Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers3More information
AR3R12Objects and Identities in the Roman Empire3More information
AR3R9Archaeology of the City of Rome3More information
AR3S20The Archaeology and Anthropology of Food3More information
AR3S21Biological anthropology3More information
AR3S9Coastal and Maritime Archaeology3More information
ARMAHRAnalysis of Human RemainsMMore information
ARMDISSIDissertationMMore information
ARMEMPResearch and Enterprise Micro-PlacementMMore information
ARMEPPIn at the Deep End: Professional PracticeMMore information
ARMGFCFood and CultureMMore information
ARMHCPContemporary Issues and Debates In Heritage and Cultural Property (Ma)MMore information
ARMHGTHunter-Gatherers in TransitionMMore information
ARMICMCoastal and Maritime GeoarchaeologyMMore information
ARMICMBCoastal and Maritime Geoarchaeology: IntroductionMMore information
ARMIDBIssues and Debates in BioarchaeologyMMore information
ARMINTInternational Study (Erasmus)MMore information
ARMM06Colonisation and Cultural Transformation: The Archaeology of CrusadingMMore information
ARMMNEOInterpreting the Neolithic and Bronze Age in BritainMMore information
ARMMSAMusculo-Skeletal AnatomyMMore information
ARMPACPalaeopathology in Adults and ChildrenMMore information
ARMR27Material Culture and Identities in the Roman EmpireMMore information
ARMR3DArchaeological GraphicsMMore information
ARMREPResearch and Enterprise PlacementMMore information
ARMRPPResearch ProjectMMore information
ARMSASStatistical Approaches: Making sense of your dataMMore information
ARMSTDScience and the DeadMMore information
ARMT02Themes and Approaches in the Study of MesopotamiaMMore information
ARMTTATheoretical Approaches in ArchaeologyMMore information
ARMVMEFrom Village to Metropolis: Understanding the urban phenomenon of Ancient RomeMMore information
GV1A3Chemistry of the Earth and Environment1More information
GV1B1Introduction to Environmental Science1More information
GV1BGEBiogeography and Ecology1More information
GV1CClimatology1More information
GV1CIGContemporary Issues in Human Geography1More information
GV1DHydrology1More information
GV1DEOur Dynamic Earth1More information
GV1E1Soils in the Environment1More information
GV1EENUEnvironmental Engineering Microbiology1More information
GV1EIEnvironmental Issues1More information
GV1GSGeomorphology1More information
GV1HGIIntroducing Human Geography1More information
GV1HGTTheories and Debates in Human Geography1More information
GV1QSIntroduction to Quaternary Science1More information
GV1SOCContemporary world cultures: an introduction to social anthropology1More information
GV1TGETechniques in Geography and Environmental Science1More information
GV2ASDAnalysing Social Data2More information
GV2CIP"Culture, Identity and Place"2More information
GV2CSRCorporate Social Responsibility Consultancy2More information
GV2ECHEnvironmental Chemistry2More information
GV2EREnergy Resources2More information
GV2F4Soil Ecology and Functions2More information
GV2FCAGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 12More information
GV2FCBGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 4.2More information
GV2FCCGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 2.2More information
GV2FCNGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 32More information
GV2GISGeographical Information Systems2More information
GV2GREGeological Resources2More information
GV2H1Geographies of Development2More information
GV2HAZNatural Hazards2More information
GV2HYHydrological Processes2More information
GV2MESMonitoring the Earth from Space2More information
GV2MPLSummer Micro-Placement2More information
GV2NSNature, Society and Imaginaries of Degrowth2More information
GV2PLASummer Placement2More information
GV2PMNUEnvironmental Planning & Management2More information
GV2POPPopulation Geography2More information
GV2PPYProfessional Placement Year2More information
GV2QCECQuaternary Climate and Environmental Change2More information
GV2RTSResearch Training for Geography and Environmental Science.2More information
GV2SAYStudy Abroad in Geography2More information
GV317Carbon and Global Change3More information
GV317NUCarbon and Global Change3More information
GV344Culture and Development in Africa3More information
GV362Water Resources3More information
GV3APAir Pollution: Effects and Control3More information
GV3CCClimate Change3More information
GV3CPS"Consumption, Politics and Space"3More information
GV3DDTDeathscapes and Dark Tourism3More information
GV3DLA"Drugs, Development and Democracy in Latin America"3More information
GV3DLEDryland Environments.3More information
GV3DPEDissertation (Year of Professional Expereince Students)3More information
GV3DSADissertation (Study Abroad Students)3More information
GV3ER1ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ER2ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ER3ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ER4ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ESMEcosystems Modelling3More information
GV3GEDGeography & Environmental Science Dissertation3More information
GV3IFCIceland Expeditionary Fieldclass3More information
GV3JLD"Global Justice, Labour and Development"3More information
GV3NUIChina Environmental Analysis Fieldclass3More information
GV3PFFPreparing For Floods3More information
GV3POLEnvironmental Pollution3More information
GV3PSResearch Skills and Project Management3More information
GV3REPRepresenting the City3More information
GV3SCWSpaces of Care and Wellbeing3More information
GV3TRC"Tropical Rainforests, Climate & Lost Civilisations"3More information
GV3WATWater Politics3More information
GVMAPAir Pollution: Effects and ControlMMore information
GVMCCClimate ChangeMMore information
GVMENVCEnvironmental ConsultancyMMore information
GVMEPMEnvironmental and Pollution MicrobiologyMMore information
GVMEVPEnvironmental PollutionMMore information
GVMFCField ClassMMore information
GVMIMPIndependent ProjectMMore information
GVMLASPLaboratory Analysis of Soils and PollutantsMMore information
GVMPBEPollutant Behaviour in the EnvironmentMMore information
GVMPFFPreparing For FloodsMMore information
GVMQADQuantitative Analysis of Environmental DataMMore information
GVMRPResearch ProjectMMore information
GVMSILSkills for Independent LearningMMore information
GVMTPC"Tropical Forests, Climate and Land Use Through Time"MMore information
GVMUAQUrban Air QualityMMore information
GVMWENMWaste and Environmental ManagementMMore information
MC1HPE"Museum History, Policy and Ethics"1More information
MC1PPPresenting the Past1More information
MC2BMBreak into the Museum: Work Placement2More information
MC2CCMCuratorship and Collections Management2More information
MC2LEMuseum Learning and Engagement2More information
MC3DD"Display Design, Planning and Creation: Project Module"3More information
MCMHHHidden Heritage: investigating and interpreting historic buildings and landscapesMMore information

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