Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences - Modules for 2017-18

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
PL1C1LClinical Studies1More information
PL1CIRIntroduction to Clinical Studies 11More information
PL1GMGrammar and Meaning1More information
PL1GMLGrammar and Meaning1More information
PL1LBLanguage in the Brain1More information
PL1M1Medicine 11More information
PL1PPHPhonetics and Phonology1More information
PL1PSYCHPsychology for Speech and Language Therapy1More information
PL1RMResearch Methods in Speech and Language Therapy1More information
PL2C2Clinical Studies 22More information
PL2C3Clinical Studies 32More information
PL2CI1Communication Impairment 12More information
PL2CI2Communication Impairment 22More information
PL2CI3RCommunication Impairment 32More information
PL2CLChild Language Acquisition2More information
PL2CPHClinical Phonetics & Phonology2More information
PL2CSLPCareers in Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology2More information
PL2EMExperimental Methods in Language Sciences2More information
PL2GM2Grammar and Meaning 22More information
PL2GM2LGrammar and Meaning 22More information
PL2M2Medicine 22More information
PL3ASDLanguage in Autism Spectrum Disorders3More information
PL3C4Clinical Studies 43More information
PL3CAATheoretical and Clinical Aspects of Anomia3More information
PL3CI4Communication Impairment 43More information
PL3CLCClinical Assessment of Language in Children3More information
PL3DOFDisorders of Fluency3More information
PL3DSOropharyngeal Dysphagia3More information
PL3ELElectrophysiology of Language3More information
PL3ISLIntroduction to Speech and Language Pathology3More information
PL3LDGLanguage in Genetic Disorders3More information
PL3LISpecific Language Impairment3More information
PL3LPRLanguage Processing3More information
PL3LPSLTLanguage Processing for Speech and Language Therapy3More information
PL3MLMultilingualism and Impairment Across the Lifespan3More information
PL3PDAdvanced Professional Development3More information
PL3RDResearch Dissertation3More information
PL3RPRResearch Proposal3More information
PLMASDLanguage in Autism Spectrum DisordersMMore information
PLMCAATheoretical and Clinical Aspects of AnomiaMMore information
PLMCI1Communication Impairment 1MMore information
PLMCI2Communication Impairment 2MMore information
PLMCI3RCommunication Impairment 3MMore information
PLMCI4Communication Impairment 4MMore information
PLMCLAChild Language AcquisitionMMore information
PLMCP1Clinical Practice 1MMore information
PLMCP2Clinical Practice 2MMore information
PLMCPHClinical Phonetics and PhonologyMMore information
PLMDOFDisorders of FluencyMMore information
PLMDSOropharyngeal DysphagiaMMore information
PLMELElectrophysiology of LanguageMMore information
PLMFGFoundations of GrammarMMore information
PLMISLIntroduction to Speech and Language PathologyMMore information
PLMLACLinguistic Assessment ClinicMMore information
PLMLDGLanguage in Genetic Disorders (M Level)MMore information
PLMLISpecific Language ImpairmentMMore information
PLMLPRLanguage ProcessingMMore information
PLMLPSLTLanguage Processing for Speech and Language TherapyMMore information
PLMM1Medicine 1MMore information
PLMM2Medicine 2MMore information
PLMMLMultilingualism and Impairment Across the LifespanMMore information
PLMPDRAdvanced Professional DevelopmentMMore information
PLMPPPhonetics and PhonologyMMore information
PLMPPRIntroduction to Phonetics and PhonologyMMore information
PLMRDResearch and DissertationMMore information
PLMRDNResearch and DissertationMMore information
PLMRPResearch PlacementMMore information
PLMRTResearch Methods and Transferable SkillsMMore information
PY0PSYPsychology0More information
PY0PSYAPsychology0More information
PY1APApplied Psychology1More information
PY1BPBioPsychology1More information
PY1CGCognition and Learning1More information
PY1CLClinical Psychology1More information
PY1DIPDebates in Psychology1More information
PY1DVDevelopmental Psychology1More information
PY1IP1Introduction to Psychology 11More information
PY1IP2Introduction to Psychology 21More information
PY1IP3Introduction to Psychology for Consumer Behaviour and Marketing students1More information
PY1PAWPsychology at Work1More information
PY1PRPsychological Research1More information
PY1SIDSocial Psychology and Individual Differences1More information
PY1SKSkills for Psychology1More information
PY1SKESkills for Psychology with Academic Language1More information
PY1SNIntroduction to Systems Neuroscience1More information
PY2CNCognition2More information
PY2CN1Cognition 12More information
PY2CN2Cognition 22More information
PY2CNSCognition and Neuroscience2More information
PY2CNS1Cognition and Neuroscience 12More information
PY2CPCareers in Psychology2More information
PY2CP1Careers for Psychology 12More information
PY2DSPDevelopmental and Social Psychology2More information
PY2DSP1Developmental and Social Psychology 12More information
PY2ITCIntroduction to CBT2More information
PY2NSNeuroscience2More information
PY2NS1Neuroscience 12More information
PY2NS2Neuroscience 22More information
PY2PRPProfessional Placement2More information
PY2PSPersonality & Social Psychology2More information
PY2PS1Personality & Social Psychology 12More information
PY2PS2Personality & Social Psychology 22More information
PY2RMResearch Methods2More information
PY2RMSResearch Methods for Visiting Students2More information
PY2SA40Study Abroad2More information
PY2SA50Study Abroad2More information
PY2TATypical and Atypical Development2More information
PY2TA1Typical and Atypical Development 12More information
PY2TA2Typical and Atypical Development 22More information
PY30PLPlacement (P3)3More information
PY3ACTAdaptive Control of Thought3More information
PY3AOBAttachment and Offending Behaviour3More information
PY3ASCAutism Spectrum Conditions3More information
PY3AVActive Vision3More information
PY3BASBasic Skills3More information
PY3BEBehavioural Economics3More information
PY3BIAThe body in action3More information
PY3CContemporary Issues3More information
PY3CACognitive neuropsychology of ageing3More information
PY3CHIContemporary and Historical Issues3More information
PY3CNWMCognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Working Memory3More information
PY3CORCore skills for working with children and young people with mental health problems3More information
PY3DNDevelopmental Neuroscience3More information
PY3EAAEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems3More information
PY3EASEngagement and assessment skills for working with children and young people with common mental health3More information
PY3EBIEvidenced-based interventations for children and young people with common mental health problems3More information
PY3EEDEmotion, Empathy and their Disorders3More information
PY3ELDEarly Lexical Development3More information
PY3EPProject for Placement Students3More information
PY3FAPFace Processing3More information
PY3FORForensic Psychology3More information
PY3FPRFace Perception and Recognition3More information
PY3FPTForensic Psychology: Theory and Practice3More information
PY3HACHealth and Cognition3More information
PY3HPHealth Psychology3More information
PY3LDMBrain Mechanisms of Learning and Decision Making3More information
PY3MLBMusic, Language and the Brain3More information
PY3MOBMisperceptions of the Body3More information
PY3MPOMotivation and Performance in Organisations3More information
PY3MSMemory and the Self: Past, Present and Future3More information
PY3NADNeurology and Neuroimaging in Aging Related Neurocognitive Disorders3More information
PY3NCMNutrition, Cognition and Metabolism3More information
PY3NFDNeuropsychology of frontostriatal disorders3More information
PY3NUTNutritional Psychology3More information
PY3PProject3More information
PY3PACPsychology and Culture3More information
PY3PARParent training for Conduct Problems3More information
PY3PBMPain: Body & Mind3More information
PY3PEPublic Engagement3More information
PY3PPPProject for Psychology & Philosophy Students3More information
PY3RCDReward Dysfunction in Clinical Disorders3More information
PY3SA3Study Abroad3More information
PY3SA5Study Abroad3More information
PY3SCOSelf Control3More information
PY3SEScience of Emotion3More information
PY3TARTypical and Atypical Reading3More information
PY3TRTEvidence-based low-intensity treatment of common mental health problems3More information
PY3TSPTopics in Social Psychology3More information
PY3VECValues, Employment and Context3More information
PY3VRBVirtual Reality and the Brain3More information
PY4CContemporary Issues4More information
PY4CHIContemporary and Historical Issues in Psychology4More information
PY4PREmpirical Project4More information
PYM0CGMethods in CognitionMMore information
PYM0CPMethods in Clinical PsychologyMMore information
PYM0DPMethods in Developmental PsychologyMMore information
PYM0EPEmpirical ProjectMMore information
PYM0FMfMRI Data AnalysisMMore information
PYM0NSMethods in NeuroscienceMMore information
PYM0PLPlacementMMore information
PYM0PPProject PreparationMMore information
PYM0QQApplying Qualitative Methods in Psychological ResearchMMore information
PYM0RTResearch Methods and Transferable skills in PsychologyMMore information
PYM0S1Data Collection & Analysis 1MMore information
PYM0S2Data Collection & Analysis 2MMore information
PYM2CLClinical neuropsychologyMMore information
PYM3P1Development of PsychopathologyMMore information
PYM3P2Topics in Developmental PsychopathologyMMore information
PYM4PTPsychological treatmentsMMore information
PYMANXTheory and Practice for Anxiety DisordersMMore information
PYMAWTAdvanced Skills for Working with TraumaMMore information
PYMBASBasic SkillsMMore information
PYMBEBehavioural EconomicsMMore information
PYMBWTBasic Skills for Working with TraumaMMore information
PYMCORCore skills for working with children and young people with mental health problemsMMore information
PYMCT1Focused Clinical Training And Supervision: Basic LevelMMore information
PYMCT2Focused Clinical Training And Supervision: Complex Problems And DisseminationMMore information
PYMDEPTheory and Practice for DepressionMMore information
PYMEAAEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health ProblemsMMore information
PYMEACEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems in Children and Young PeopleMMore information
PYMEASEngagement and assessment skills for working with children and young people with common mental healthMMore information
PYMEBIEvidence-based interventions for children and young peole with common mental health problemsMMore information
PYMFPCFundamental Principles for Working with Children and Young PeopleMMore information
PYMFUNFundamentals of Evidence-Based Treatments (CBT)MMore information
PYMHMHuman MotivationMMore information
PYMIN1Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Evidence-Based Psychological TreatmentMMore information
PYMIN3Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment (APELMMore information
PYMIPIntroduction to Psychology for FinanceMMore information
PYMITCIntroduction to CBTMMore information
PYMITDPsychology of Individual and Team Development in OrganisationsMMore information
PYMLEPLeadership Training Practice for Children and Young People's IAPTMMore information
PYMLETLeadership Training Theory for Children and Young People's IAPTMMore information
PYMLICEvidence-Based Low Intensity Interventions for Children and Young People presenting with Common MentMMore information
PYMPARParent Training for Conduct ProblemsMMore information
PYMPBC1Programming for Behavioural and Cognitive NeurosciencesMMore information
PYMPRNPrinciples of NeurobiologyMMore information
PYMSA3Study AbroadMMore information
PYMSUCSupervisor Training for Children and Young People's IAPTMMore information
PYMSUSSupervisor Training for Children and Young People's IAPT IIMMore information
PYMTA1Typical and Atypical Development 1 (M Level)MMore information
PYMTA2Typical and Atypical Development 2 (M Level)MMore information
PYMTANTopics in Affective NeuroscienceMMore information
PYMTCNTopics in Cognitive NeuroscienceMMore information
PYMTHATherapy for Childhood AnxietyMMore information
PYMTHDTherapy for Childhood DepressionMMore information
PYMTM1Treatments and Models 1MMore information
PYMTM2Treatments and Models 2MMore information
PYMTM3Treatments and Models 3MMore information
PYMTRTEvidence-Based Low Intensity Treatment of Common Mental Health ProblemsMMore information
PYMVEC"Values, Employment and Context"MMore information

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