International Study and Language Institute - Modules for 2017-18

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
IF0ACAAcademic Skills0More information
IF0ACJAcademic Skills0More information
IF0IE0International English Plus0More information
IF0IE1International English A0More information
IF0IEJInternational English0More information
LA1FP2IWLP French 2 with academic placement in France.1More information
LA1FP3IWLP French 3 with academic placement in France1More information
LA1FP4IWLP French 4 with academic placement in France1More information
LA1FP5IWLP French 5 with academic placement in France1More information
LA1MB1Modern Britain: Society, culture and history 11More information
LA1PA2IWLP Arabic 21More information
LA1PA2NIWLP Arabic 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PA3IWLP Arabic 31More information
LA1PA3NIWLP Arabic 3 non-credit1More information
LA1PA8IWLP Arabic 11More information
LA1PA8NIWLP Arabic 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PA9IWLP Arabic 1 with Script Support1More information
LA1PA9NIWLP Arabic 1 with Script Support non-credit1More information
LA1PB1IWLP British Sign Language 11More information
LA1PB1NIWLP British Sign Language 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PC1IWLP Chinese 11More information
LA1PC1NIWLP Chinese 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PC2IWLP Chinese 21More information
LA1PC2NIWLP Chinese 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PC3IWLP Chinese 31More information
LA1PC3NIWLP Chinese 3 non-credit1More information
LA1PC8IWLP Chinese Fast-track1More information
LA1PC8NIWLP Chinese Fast-track non-credit1More information
LA1PE8IWLP English for Erasmus Students1More information
LA1PE8NIWLP English for Erasmus students non-credit1More information
LA1PF1IWLP French 11More information
LA1PF1NIWLP French 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF2IWLP French 21More information
LA1PF2NIWLP French 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PF3IWLP French 31More information
LA1PF3NIWLP French 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF4IWLP French 41More information
LA1PF4NIIWLP French 4 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF5IWLP French 51More information
LA1PF5NIWLP French 5 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF9IWLP French 1 with listening and speaking workshops1More information
LA1PF9NIWLP French 1 with listening and speaking workshops non-credit1More information
LA1PG1IWLP German 11More information
LA1PG1NIWLP German 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PG2IWLP German 21More information
LA1PG2NIWLP German 2 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PG3IWLP German 31More information
LA1PG3NIWLP German 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PG4IWLP German 41More information
LA1PG4NIWLP German 4 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PI1IWLP Italian 11More information
LA1PI1NIWLP Italian 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PI2IWLP Italian 21More information
LA1PI2NIWLP Italian 2 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PI3IWLP Italian 31More information
LA1PI3NIWLP Italian 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PJ1IWLP Japanese 11More information
LA1PJ1NIWLP Japanese 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PJ2IWLP Japanese 21More information
LA1PJ2NIWLP Japanese 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PJ3IWLP Japanese 31More information
LA1PJ8IWLP Japanese 1 Accelerated1More information
LA1PJ8NIWLP Japanese 1 Accelerated non-credit1More information
LA1PJ9IWLP Japanese 2 Script Support1More information
LA1PJ9NIWLP Japanese 2 Script Support non-credit1More information
LA1PK1IWLP Modern Greek 11More information
LA1PK1NIWLP Modern Greek 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PK2IWLP Modern Greek 21More information
LA1PK2NIWLP Modern Greek 2 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PR1IWLP Russian 11More information
LA1PR1NIWLP Russian 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PR2IWLP Russian 21More information
LA1PR2NIWLP Russian 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PR8IWLP Russian 2 Bridge1More information
LA1PR8NIWLP Russian 2 Bridge non-credit1More information
LA1PS1IWLP Spanish 11More information
LA1PS1NIWLP Spanish 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PS2IWLP Spanish 21More information
LA1PS2NIWLP Spanish 2 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PS3IWLP Spanish 31More information
LA1PS3NIWLP Spanish 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PS4IWLP Spanish 41More information
LA1PS4NIWLP Spanish 4 non-credit1More information
LA1PS5Spanish 51More information
LA1PS5NIWLP Spanish 5 non-credit1NMore information

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