Humanities - Modules for 2017-18

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
CL1G1Ancient Greek 11More information
CL1GHGreek History: war, society, and change in the Archaic Age1More information
CL1L1Latin 1 (C)1More information
CL1RHRoman History: the rise and fall of the Republic1More information
CL1SOAncient Song1More information
CL1TRTexts, Readers, and Writers1More information
CL2AEAncient Epic2More information
CL2APLAcademic Work Placement2More information
CL2CGHGreek History: Persian Wars to Alexander2More information
CL2CLECleopatras2More information
CL2DRAncient Drama2More information
CL2G2Ancient Greek 2 (I)2More information
CL2G2AAncient Greek 2 (I)2More information
CL2G2SAncient Greek 2 (I)2More information
CL2G3Ancient Greek 3 (I)2More information
CL2GAGreek Architecture2More information
CL2GREGreek Religions2More information
CL2JPThe Justinianic Plague2More information
CL2L2Latin 2 (I)2More information
CL2L2ALatin 2 (I)2More information
CL2L2SLatin 2 (I)2More information
CL2L3Latin 3 (I)2More information
CL2LVRoman Love Poetry2More information
CL2OOOOption in Ancient Cultural Topic: The Ancient World On Television2More information
CL2PLWork placement for Classicists and Ancient Historians2More information
CL2PRProspects for Classicists and Ancient Historians2More information
CL2PUAPoetry Under Attack2More information
CL2RORoman History: From Republic to Empire2More information
CL2RSRoman Satire2More information
CL2SA1Study Abroad Placement in Classics2More information
CL2SA2Study Abroad Placement for Joint Students in Classics2More information
CL2SIMy Mother's Sin and other Stories2More information
CL2SPAncient Sport2More information
CL2TTTOption in Roman Historical Topic2More information
CL3ABAncient Biography3More information
CL3ADGreek Art and Drama3More information
CL3AELAncient Egyptian Language & Hieroglyphs3More information
CL3BSAArchaeology and Topography of Ancient Greece3More information
CL3BSRBritish School at Rome Undergraduate Summer School3More information
CL3DEDissertation in Classical Studies and English3More information
CL3DNDissertation in Classics3More information
CL3DPPreparation for Dissertation in Classics3More information
CL3EEExtended Essay for Italian and Classical Studies3More information
CL3G4Ancient Greek 4 (H)3More information
CL3G5Ancient Greek 5 (H)3More information
CL3G6Ancient Greek 63More information
CL3GDGender in Classical Antiquity3More information
CL3INPIndependent Third Year Project3More information
CL3L4Latin 4 (H)3More information
CL3L5Latin 5 (H)3More information
CL3L6Latin 63More information
CL3LAELate Antique Egypt3More information
CL3LLPLate Latin Poetry3More information
CL3PCAPioneers of Classical Archaeology3More information
CL3RHReceptions of Homer3More information
CLMACAHApproaches to Classics and Ancient HistoryMMore information
CLMACTApproaches to the Classical TraditionMMore information
CLMARApproaches to RomeMMore information
CLMBSRCity of RomeMMore information
CLMDISDissertationMMore information
CLMRMClassics Research MethodsMMore information
CLMSOClassics Special OptionsMMore information
CLMSOBClassics Special Options BMMore information
HA3BBBlurring Boundaries: Art in Public Spaces3More information
HA3DIDissertation3More information
HA3FPFraming Piety in 15C Italy3More information
HS1ABRArriving in Britain: a History of Immigration, 1685-20041More information
HS1BCRBeauty, Class, Revolution and Empire: European Art, 1730-18301More information
HS1BELBelonging: architecture and identity in Renaissance Florence1More information
HS1CFLChildhood and Family Life in the C19th & early 20th1More information
HS1DDWDemons and Demonologists: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe1More information
HS1FBBFrom Berlin to Baghdad: The origins of the War on Terror1More information
HS1HAFHunger and Famines in History1More information
HS1JH1Journeys through History 1:Power and People1More information
HS1JH2Journeys through History 2: Culture and Concepts'1More information
HS1MCPMedieval Castles and Palaces1More information
HS1MERMerlin the Magician1More information
HS1MMMMonks, Moors and Magic: Patterns of Belief in Medieval Europe1More information
HS1MMOMedieval Monasteries and the Case of Reading Abbey1More information
HS1OWIWestern Imaginaries of the Middle East1More information
HS1POP1Exploring the Atlantic World,1450-18001More information
HS1POP2Black Britain: Race and migration in post-war Britain1More information
HS1PPSPublic Art and the Politics of Public Space, c. 1895-20101More information
HS1REAInsidious Ideas: 'Race' in Europe and America, 1700-19451More information
HS1ROWThe Rise of Women: from the Fifteenth-Century Nun to Mrs Thatcher1More information
HS1RSOResearch Skills and Opportunities in History1More information
HS1RUSRape in the United States: from Colonisation to Civil Rights1More information
HS1RVCRevolutionary Cities1More information
HS1TTAThe Times They Are A-Changin’ – Protest, Reform and the Government Response in 1960s America1More information
HS1WARWarfare in Early Modern Europe1More information
HS2GPPGoing Public: Presenting the Past, Planning the Future2More information
HS2HADHistorical Approaches and My Dissertation2More information
HS2IHEIndependent Historical Essay2More information
HS2INTIntellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy2More information
HS2MC2My Career: Wider Horizons2More information
HS2O10The Colonial Experience: Africa, 1879 to 19802More information
HS2O11Hollywood Histories: Film and the Past2More information
HS2O12Belief and Unbelief in Europe: Religion, Science and the Supernatural c.1400-18002More information
HS2O13The Crusades, 1095-12912More information
HS2O14Rebel Girls: The Influence of Radical Women 1792-19192More information
HS2O16‘The brightest jewel in the British crown’: The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-19472More information
HS2O17Reform and Revolt in the Modern Middle East: Egypt from Ataturk to the ‘Arab Spring’2More information
HS2O18Pirates of the Caribbean: Empire, Slavery, and Society, 1550-17502More information
HS2O19Europe in the Twentieth Century2More information
HS2O2The American Dream? US History from Colonial times to the late Twentieth Century2More information
HS2O20"Sexual politics: Gender, sex, and feminism in Britain after 1918"2More information
HS2O21Utopia: the Quest for a Perfect World2More information
HS2O22A People’s History of Modern Britain2More information
HS2O23"Radical ideas, 1776-1867: from Common Sense to Capital"2More information
HS2O3People, power and revolution: political culture in seventeenth-century England2More information
HS2O4Women and Medieval History2More information
HS2O5Venice: building the ideal state (1460-1615)2More information
HS2O6From Tsars to Comrades: Imperial Russia & the Soviet Union, 1861-19412More information
HS2O7Kingship and Crisis in England, c.1154–13302More information
HS2O8Under the Red Flag: Labour and British Politics, 1880-19392More information
HS2O9Moslems, Jews, Byzantines and Mongols: Medieval France and the Other2More information
HS2SA1AStudy Abroad 1A2More information
HS2SA1BStudy Abroad 1B2More information
HS2SA1CStudy Abroad 1C2More information
HS2SA1DStudy Abroad 1D2More information
HS2SA1EStudy Abroad 1E2More information
HS2SA1FStudy Abroad 1F2More information
HS2SA2AStudy Abroad 2A2More information
HS2SA2BStudy Abroad 2B2More information
HS2SA2CStudy Abroad 2C2More information
HS2SA30Study Abroad credits2More information
HS2SA3AStudy Abroad 3A2More information
HS2SA3BStudy Abroad 3B2More information
HS2SA3CStudy Abroad 3C2More information
HS2SA3DStudy Abroad 3D2More information
HS2SA4AStudy Abroad 4A2More information
HS2SA4BStudy Abroad 4B2More information
HS2SA4CStudy Abroad 4C2More information
HS2SA4DStudy Abroad 4D2More information
HS2SA4EStudy Abroad 4E2More information
HS2SAYStudy Abroad Year2More information
HS2STASociety, Thought and Art in Modern Europe2More information
HS2STRStudy Trip Abroad: Exploring the European City and its Histories2More information
HS2WEYWork Experience Year2More information
HS3BELa Belle Epoque: France 1880-19143More information
HS3CS3European Case Studies (3)3More information
HS3DACDiscovering Archives and Collections3More information
HS3HEDHistory Education3More information
HS3HLDDissertation in History3More information
HS3S101Gender in Africa, A3More information
HS3S111England without a King, 1649-1660, A3More information
HS3S151Gender in Africa, B3More information
HS3S161England without a King, 1649-1660, B3More information
HS3S19"The Countryside in English Culture, c.1750-1939, A"3More information
HS3S22"Victorian Lives, A"3More information
HS3S27From Louis the Fat to Louis the Saint: The Image of Kingship in Capetian France, A3More information
HS3S32Cold War Berlin: Politics and Culture in a Divided City, 1945-65, A3More information
HS3S42Slavery in America, A3More information
HS3S45Anarchy in the UK: Punk, Politics and Youth Culture in Britain, 1976-84, A3More information
HS3S69"The Countryside in English Culture, c.1750-1939, B"3More information
HS3S72"Victorian Lives, B"3More information
HS3S77From Louis the Fat to Louis the Saint: The Image of Kingship in Capetian France, B3More information
HS3S82Cold War Berlin: Politics and Culture in a Divided City, 1945-65, B3More information
HS3S92Slavery in America, B3More information
HS3S95Anarchy in the UK: Punk, Politics and Youth Culture in Britain, 1976-84, B3More information
HS3T25Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch-Craze3More information
HS3T30Ireland and the English in the middle ages3More information
HS3T39Witches, Heretics and Social Outcasts: Europe and its Outsiders c.1250-15503More information
HS3T53Political Extremism in Britain between the Wars3More information
HS3T57"Gothic: Architecture, Money and Cultural Identity"3More information
HS3T69‘Race’, Ethnicity and citizenship in America3More information
HS3T72The Rise and Fall of Settler Colonialism in Southern Africa, 1890 to 19983More information
HS3T75The United States and the Cold War3More information
HS3T77Battleaxes and Benchwarmers’: Early female MPs 1919-19313More information
HS3T78Religion and Politics in the Medieval West, 1050-14923More information
HS3T79Stalinism: The Struggle for a New Civilisation, 1929-19413More information
HS3T82Axis at War: Life and Death in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, 1936-453More information
HS3T83Modern Science and the Imperial World, 1750-20003More information
HS3T98From Darwin to Death Camps? Evolution and eugenics in European society, 1859-19453More information
HSMDE1Diploma Extended EssayMMore information
HSMDN3DissertationMMore information
HSMOP1Option OneMMore information
HSMOP2Option TwoMMore information
HSMSR1Historical Skills and ResourcesMMore information
HSMTPHistory: theory, practice and themesMMore information
MSMDI7DissertationMMore information
MSMLPMedieval Latin and PalaeographyMMore information
MSMLPAMedieval Latin and PalaeographyMMore information
MSMRM2Researching the Middle AgesMMore information
MSMSD7DissertationMMore information
MSMSSAAdvanced Study and Source AnalysisMMore information
MSMSTAOption AMMore information
MSMSTBOption BMMore information
MSMSTCOption CMMore information
PP1ELElementary Logic1More information
PP1MLThe Meaning of Life1More information
PP1MMMental Machines1More information
PP1PWRPhilosophy of World Religions1More information
PP1RAReason and Argument1More information
PP1RBQReality: The Big Questions1More information
PP1RPRadical Philosophy1More information
PP1WRIWriting the Philosophical Essay1More information
PP2EA1Ethical Argument 1: Philosophy and How to Live2More information
PP2EA2Ethical Argument 2: Philosophy and How to Live2More information
PP2GP1Global Philosophy 12More information
PP2GP2Global Philosophy 22More information
PP2HKW1Hume, Kant, and Wittgenstein 12More information
PP2HKW2Hume, Kant, and Wittgenstein 22More information
PP2IDR1Ignorance, Doubt, and Relativism 12More information
PP2IDR2Ignorance, Doubt, and Relativism 22More information
PP2MM1Meaning and the Mind 12More information
PP2MM2Meaning and the Mind 22More information
PP2OID1Oppression, Inequality, and the Enemies of Democracy 12More information
PP2OID2Oppression, Inequality, and the Enemies of Democracy 22More information
PP2SA1Study Abroad 12More information
PP2SA2Study Abroad 22More information
PP2SA3Study Abroad 32More information
PP2SAYStudy Abroad Year2More information
PP3AFAre we free?3More information
PP3BMETBiomedical Ethics3More information
PP3CColour3More information
PP3CCCContemporary Consequentialism and Contractualism3More information
PP3CVCrime and Violence3More information
PP3DDeath3More information
PP3DISDissertation in Philosophy3More information
PP3EAPEarly Analytic Philosophy3More information
PP3EETEnvironmental Ethics3More information
PP3EIEthical Intuitionism3More information
PP3FAIRFairness3More information
PP3FPCEFuture People and Climate Ethics3More information
PP3GRBGod and Religious Belief3More information
PP3GTFGod, Time and Freedom3More information
PP3HGMLHappy, Good and Meaningful Lives3More information
PP3ILMIndependent Learning / Extended Essay3More information
PP3LITEPhilosophy of Literature3More information
PP3SASpeech Attacks3More information
PP3SA1Study Abroad 13More information
PP3SA2Study Abroad 23More information
PP3SA3Study Abroad 33More information
PP3SCThe Science of Consciousness3More information
PP3SOFThe Scandal of Film3More information
PP3TRLTyranny, Rhetoric and Lies3More information
PP3WMAWittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mind and Action3More information
PP3XPExperimental Philosophy3More information

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