AHM002-Developing Leadership in Others

Module Provider: Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Number of credits: 10 [5 ECTS credits]
Terms in which taught: Autumn / Spring / Summer module
Pre-requisites: AHM001 Studying Leadership Strategic Studies and International Relations
Non-modular pre-requisites: JOLP3, JOTAC
Modules excluded:
Current from: 2021/2

Module Convenor: Dr Sinem Bulkan
Email: s.bulkan@henley.ac.uk

Type of module:

AHEP online module

Summary module description:


This module is specifically aimed at providing officer students with the capability to develop leadership in others.  At the heart of the module is the fundamental belief that leaders are responsible not only for their own leadership but for the development of leadership in their direct reports and other colleagues.


This module aims to:

  • Develop the capability of individuals to plan, manage and reflect on their individual personal leadership and consider how this can be used to support the leadership development of others.

  • Encourage development of behavioural skills in individuals to increase the effectiveness and appropriateness of their ability to develop leadership in others.

  • Recognise the importance of both developing future leaders as well as developing the leadership of current colleagues.

  • Build an understanding of succession planning and how to address skills deficits in leadership capability and capacity

  • Develop an awareness of the ethical, moral and practical issues in relation to developing leadership in others.

Assessable learning outcomes:

By the end of the module it is expected that programme members will be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Knowledge of a range of different theoretical models and approaches to learning and leadership development of others.

  • Knowledge of a range of techniques for problem-solving, decision-making and managing feedback in the leadership development of others.

  • Develop a plan for the leadership development of a colleague.

  • Critical analysis in order to engage others, assess the context and decide on the most appropriate leadership development interventions.

  • Communication skills, including questioning, listening and managing difference and conflict.

Additional outcomes:

  • Self-reflection on how their support of the leadership development of others, impacts on their own leadership ability.

Outline content:

The key topics covered in the module addresses the aim of enabling students to develop an appreciation and understanding of:

  • The role of the leader in developing the leadership of others.

  • Leadership development - self and others.

  • Learning and leadership of others development models and core theories.

  • Assessing the context of leadership development of others.

  • Managing difference and resolving confl ict.

  • Practical leadership development skills.

Brief description of teaching and learning methods:

The content is delivered on-line in a guided self-study format with directions to associated content, textbooks and journal articles.  The module is structured around key readings and other sources, with a series of practical activities for each topic.  An on-line tutor will support students as they work through the content.   The on-line tutor will ensure students cover the key topics from the syllabus with a range of case material and exercises for group activity and fac ilitated on-line discussion both synchronous and asynchronous.

Contact hours:
  Autumn Spring Summer
Tutorials 40
Work-based learning 20
Guided independent study: 40
Total hours by term 0 0
Total hours for module 100

Summative Assessment Methods:
Method Percentage
Written assignment including essay 100

Summative assessment- Examinations:

No examination.

Summative assessment- Coursework and in-class tests:

Formative assessment methods:

Practice applications supported by on-line tutor.

Penalties for late submission:

Penalties for late submission on this module are in accordance with the arrangements as laid out in the programme guide.

Assessment requirements for a pass:

Module pass mark of 50%

Reassessment arrangements:

These are in accordance with the arrangements for resubmission as laid out in the programme guide.

Additional Costs (specified where applicable):

Last updated: 8 April 2021


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