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J.L. Austin's How to Do Things with Words: An Archival Study

Supervisor: Dr Michela Bariselli, Dr Leo Townsend and Prof Mark Nixon

School: School of Humanities
Department: Philosophy

J.L. Austin’s posthumously published How to Do Things with Words is a ground-breaking philosophical text. This archival project investigates Austin's preparatory notes held at Bodleian Libraries (Oxford) to produce a description and analysis of the evolution of the final text. This will enable future studies to illuminate exegetical debates.

A framework for understanding the control of sequential eye movements

Supervisor: Eugene McSorley

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology

Visual perception is fundamentally limited by physiology. To see in high definition we need to move our gaze and the most common way we do this by moving our eyes in rapid jumps (saccades). Here we will examine our ability to produce these movements in everyday tasks.

A radar into the past: using geophysics to identify palaeoenvironmental landscape features

Supervisor: Mike Simmonds & Rob Fry

School: School of Archaeology Geography & Environmental Science
Department: Geography & Environmental Science

This project aims to test whether geophysical prospection, namely ground penetrating radar, ERT and magnetometry, can be used to map and identify landscape features that may contain sediments of a palaeoenvironmental nature, particularly palaeochannels or depressions which may have filled with minerogenic or organic sediments.

A service evaluation of discharge summary queries handled by OUH Medicines Information (MI) Service

Supervisor: Nilesh Patel

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

The purpose of this service evaluation is to assess whether the OUH MI Service brings any benefits and value to patient safety, safe transfer of care and interface communication for discharge summary queries. As this is the first service evaluation of its kind for the trust, the results will provide a baseline from which to measure change and also provide information regarding the financial impact upon the service.

A service evaluation of pharmacists’ role in opioids medicines management in a palliative care and cancer care setting in England

Supervisor: Atta Naqvi

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

Pharmacists at the Oxford University Hospital (OUH) Palliative Care and Cancer Care Teams provide a safe and effective opioid medications management service for managing pain. The ongoing project aims to assess the role of pharmacists in managing opioid medications.

A Simulated Clinical Audit for student training within the Clinical Simulation Training Suite

Supervisor: Professor Becky Green

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

Our physician associate students require experience engaging in clinical audits or quality improvement projects (QIPs) to improve their employability. The aim of this UROP project is to undertake research to support the development of resources and clinical scenario that would allow students to carry out a QIP or audit within our Clinical Simulation Training Suite.

Adapting receptive language assessment to meet the needs of adolescents with Rett Syndrome: a feasibility study

Supervisor: Dr Gillian Townend

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Clinical Language Sciences

In this project we will conduct formal and informal language assessments adapted for teenagers with Rett syndrome (and other physical disabilities). This will include observations in the classroom, direct assessment using low and high tech eye gaze access methods, and indirect teacher/parent report measures.

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