Past Placements - 2023

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“From Dumps to Glory”: An Environmental History of the New York World’s Fair of 1939/40

Supervisor: Mara Oliva

School: School of Humanities
Department: History

The proposed project will explore the impact of the construction of the New York World’s Fair of 1939 on the greater New York metropolitan area’s natural environment.

2 x Students: Diverse Histories at the Berkshire Record Office

Supervisor: Dr Richard Blakemore and Dr Daniel Renshaw

School: School of Humanities
Department: History

This project will explore the lives and experiences of ethnically diverse people in Berkshire during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The two students on the project will undertake historical study in county archives, learn from experienced researchers across the University, and identify local community groups who may become involved in future research.

A service evaluation of pain management in the Royal Berkshire Hospital Emergency Department

Supervisor: Amelia Hollywood

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

Accident and Emergency services respond immediately to people who are acutely ill. The Royal Berkshire Hospital Emergency Department sees on average between 380-460 patients a day and aims to provide the best possible care to all. This UROP project involves a service evaluation of pain management within the ED

A University of Reading (UoR) and Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) collaboration for a sustainable future in speech and language therapy.

Supervisor: Vishnu Nair, Milly Heelan, Emma Pagnamenta

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Clinical Language Sciences

This collaborative project with the UoR and the RCSLT provides students with an opportunity to explore what is sustainability in speech and language therapy practice, undertake a Sustainability Quality Improvement project and develop and disseminate resources for members of the professional body.

An Investigation Into Children's Eating Behaviours In Foster Care

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Snuggs

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology

The project seeks to describe children's eating behaviours and foster carers' feeding practices through administration of a quantitative survey using existing validated measures. Additionally, Information will be collected about the challenges encountered and strategies employed by carers when faced with problematic eating behaviour in this context.

Assessing the impacts of environmental enrichment on Dairy calf welfare

Supervisor: Kate Johnson

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Animal Sciences

Environmental enrichment can be used to decrease undesired behaviours and to improve animal welfare. This project will form part of an ongoing team project to investigate whether improving the environment of dairy calves successfully improve calf welfare. This project will focus on how enrichment use changes with the age of the calves.

Associations between environmental microbiome and human activities.

Supervisor: Dr Soon Gweon

School: School of Biological Sciences
Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Built environments such as buildings, vehicles, human-associated spaces are the main environment in which most individuals spend their lives, yet only in recent years has there been a surge to understand the microbial communities which surround us. This project looks to investigate the associations between environmental microbes and human activities.

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