Past Placements - 2022

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What drives differences in apple pollinator communities in different regions of the UK?

Supervisor: Deepa Senapathi

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Sustainable Land Management

Working on bee specimens collected in Spring 2021 and 2022, from both pan-traps and netting, this project looks to create species lists for four different varieties of apple in orchards across two counties in the UK.

‘Teachers like us’- Understanding minority students’ perspectives on barriers to becoming teachers.

Supervisor: Nasreen Majid and Holly Joseph

School: Institute of Education
Department: Technical Support Unit

This project aims to uncover why so few Black and Asian students train to become teachers. This will be done by asking minority students (age 14-16) about their aspirations for and barriers to becoming teachers. The placement will involve the analysis and write up of focus group data collected in spring 2022.

2x students - Characterisation of new nucleic acid structures within the promotor region of medically-relevant genes

Supervisor: Dr James Hall & Dr John Brazier

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

Four-stranded DNA structures are important for the regulation of gene expression. Sequences which may be able to adopt such structures have been identified in genes related to human health and disease. This project is to characterise these sequences to determine If they present new potential drug targets.

3 x opportunities: Understanding cardiovascular and metabolic disease

Supervisor: Prof Jon Gibbins

School: School of Biological Sciences
Department: Biomedical Sciences

Projects will focus on the development and mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and underlying metabolic conditions. A range of topic areas will be offered based within Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Psychology and students selected through a competitive process will chose the project in which they are most interested. UROP students will take part in all research group activities.

A new E-learning guide for students starting their journey at university: did we get it right?

Supervisor: Silvia Amadesi

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

Technology and peer-tutoring can be beneficial to support year 1 student’s transitions to university. This project aims to evaluate students’ engagement and feedback on a new E-learning guide, developed by students for students, focused on underpinning chemistry topics. The results will provide essential information on how to offer effective support to students adapting to university study.

A new social and cultural heart? Understanding community views on the regeneration of Bracknell’s town centre’

Supervisor: Victor Nicholls

School: Henley Business School
Department: Real Estate & Planning

A project to understand community actors' views on the comprehensive regeneration of Bracknell town centre, the first post war New Town to be substantially redeveloped.

A review of the dietary intake of people with eating disorders

Supervisor: Paul Jenkins

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology

The project will involve reviewing and summarising literature to describe the dietary intake of individuals with anorexia nervosa. Results will be synthesised to summarise what is currently known about what people with eating disorders eat (and drink) on a regular basis.

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