3 x internships: Cardiovascular & Metabolic Research

In these projects we will explore the the fundament processes that determine the development of cardiovascular diseases, and the metabolic conditions from which these frequently develop. Opportunities will be available within ICMR laboratories that range from cell and molecular biology and physiology, though to human studies of disease development.

Department: Biomedical Sciences

Supervised by: Prof Jon Gibbins

The Placement Project

Cardiovascular diseases and the underlying metabolic conditions from which these develop, represent a 21st Century healthcare crisis. These account for the greatest cause of death in the developed world, and increasingly so in developing countries that have very high population levels. The causes of cardiovascular diseases are complex, involving our physiology, our genetic makeup, and also lifestyle choices such as diet and environmental factors. Complex questions have complex solutions. Scientists within the ICMR therefore use multi-disciplinary approaches to understand the basis of disease development to determine how this may be prevented or treated. This involves interactions between researchers across the Life Sciences at Reading. Following the overwhelming success of the UROP placements that were hosted within ICMR laboratories and research groups in previous years, we are requesting support for 3 ICMR UROP placements for 2019. One studentship will be offered in each of the following topics: (1) haemostasis and thrombosis, (2) diet, genes and vascular health, and (3) cardiovascular cell biology and physiology. A range of topic areas will be offered based within SBS, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Psychology and agriculture, and students selected through a competitive selection process will chose the project in which they are most interested. UROP students will take part in all research group activities, which will include a mini-symposium in which the outcomes of the projects will be presented.


Specific projects will be developed to meet the interests of successful candidate together with PIs within the ICMR . The techniques will therefore vary between specific projects. These will span the spectrum of ICMR research roles and techniques to study cell biology, physiological, cell signalling, disease development and progressions, animal models of disease, and studies of cardiovascular health in human subjects.

Skills, knowledge and experience required

Students from all areas of life sciences will be welcome to apply. The project is likely to be of most interest to students currently studying biomedical subjects in SBS, Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Skills which will be developed during the placement

Projects will enable the development of generic and specialist research skills for example in the area of haematology and blood disorders. Understanding of the integrated skills that a research scientist has to use will be developed, including the need for organisation and planning, in addition to experience of working in a team and independent research. Communicating their science will be important, and this will be developed through an oral presentation and a formal report.

Place of Work

ICMR laboratories. Starting date will be flexible.

Hours of Work

9am - 5pm

Approximate Start and End Dates (not fixed)

Monday 17 June 2019 - Friday 26 July 2019

How to Apply

The post will be advertised centrally on the UROP website between 25th February and 5th April. Students wishing to apply to join the ICMR UROP programme should do so by e-mailing their current CV and a covering letter indicating their interest in the work of the ICMR, motivations and career aspirations. Short listing will be performed for placements. Send applications to

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