Past Placements - 2018

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"You told me it would be OK"

Supervisor: Carien van Reekum

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology

This project aims to investigate how instructions modulate psychophysiological responses to potentially threatening stimuli.

‘An Unconventional MP’: The political career of Nancy Astor in 50 documents. Research and curation of a digital exhibition on Nancy Astor MP’s political career and her legacy.

Supervisor: Dr Jacqui Turner

School: School of Humanities
Department: History

The student will work with the supervisor to create an online digital exhibition, identifying documents and images from the Astor papers which communicate key milestones in her career and illustrate her legacy – the output will be delivered via social media throughout 2019 and will be kept as a permanent digital exhibition.

A Fine Line: J. A. Betts and the Study of Drawing at the University of Reading

Supervisor: Dr Naomi Lebens

School: Library
Department: University Museums and Special Collections Services

This UROP placement will provide essential support for preliminary research on an exhibition project, provisionally titled ‘A Fine Line: Master Drawings from Rubens to Sickert’, set to be hosted in the Madejski Gallery in Reading Museum. The exhibition will unveil the hidden history of University’s collection of master drawings.

Anxious perception

Supervisor: Dr Katie Gray

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Clinical Language Sciences

This project aims to investigate how individual differences in anxious disposition can influence the categorisation of ambiguous visual stimuli.

Armchair Travellers: Collecting Travel Books in the Seventeenth Century

Supervisor: Chloë Houston and Michelle O’Callaghan

School: School of Literature and Languages
Department: English Literature

Books of travels to foreign lands became increasingly available to readers from the early seventeenth century. Special Collections holds important examples of these works that were often published with carefully crafted illustrations and including maps . Since many buyers would not experience foreign travel first hand, travel books were crucial in fashioning armchair travellers and practices of book-collecting.

Big and Open Data for Development & Humanitarian Actions: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Supervisor: Alessandro Inversini

School: Henley Business School
Department: Marketing & Reputation

This project has been designed to shed lights on an emerging field of research that is ‘Big and Open Data for Development & Humanitarian Actions’. Due to the novelty of the research field, a preliminary systematic literature review needs to be conducted.

Biomarker evidence for human impacts in past environments

Supervisor: Dr Stuart Black

School: School of Archaeology Geography & Environmental Science
Department: Geography & Environmental Science

This UROP placement will investigate the application of detecting organic biomarkers directly from human waste products in environment. This could lead to accurate a better understanding of where and when humans were in landscapes in the past and be able to tie climate records and human occupations of remote landscapes together for the first time.

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