Past Placements - 2017

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‘Longing for What is Lost’: Research and curation of a digital exhibition on Johann Joachim Winckelmann’s legacy in the European reception of classical art and LGBTQ history

Supervisor: Dr Katherine Harloe and Professor Amy Smith

School: School of Humanities
Department: Classics

The student will work with two supervisors to research and curate an international, collaborative digital exhibition on Europeana Collections (

Action Researcher

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Nunes

School: Henley Business School
Department: Real Estate & Planning

The key task will be to talk to the members of four community gardens in and around Reading and collect information from them through interviews and photographs.

Analysing the semantics of verbs from two spoken registers: a corpus-based study

Supervisor: Dr Jacqueline Laws

School: School of Literature and Languages
Department: English Language and Applied Linguistics

This project involves analysing the meaning of a subset of verbs from the British National Corpus and classifying them into 7 semantic categories.

Ancient Rome - digital reconstruction

Supervisor: Dr Matthew Nicholls

School: School of Humanities
Department: Classics

Work to develop the outline of a book drawing on Dr Matthew Nicholls' digital model of ancient Rome.

Assessing potential environmental enrichment for young dairy cattle

Supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Meagher

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Animal Dairy & Food Chain Sciences

This project will investigate dairy calves’ usage of various items added to the pen and how these items influence other aspects of their time budgets. The goal is to identify items that have potential to improve welfare and promote normal behaviour.

Assessing the potential of crop diversity to increase soil biodiversity and the delivery of associated ecosystem services

Supervisor: Prof. Simon G Potts

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Agri-Environment

This project aims to quantify the potential of crop diversity to increase soil biodiversity at different trophic levels and how that relates to the delivery of soil ecosystem services.

Bioarchaeological perspectives on subsistence economy and land use during the Late Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Roman period (1600 BC – 400 AD) in South-eastern Bulgaria

Supervisor: Delphine Frémondeau

School: School of Archaeology Geography & Environmental Science
Department: Archaeology

This placement will investigate the Thracian agro-pastoral economy by combining and integrating isotopic analyses performed on archaeological teeth, bones and plant remains.

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