Past Placements - 2015

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A national-scale, dynamic model of the water environment: producing the code

Supervisor: Andrew Wade

School: School of Archaeology Geography & Environmental Science
Department: Geography & Environmental Science

This project will integrate environmental science and computer programming. The project aim is to take existing water quality models and begin code development to integrate them and allow the resultant model to be run at the national-scale.

Adhesion of plant pathogen spores to leaves and other surfaces

Supervisor: Michael Shaw

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Agri-Environment

Fungal spores adhere rapidly to leaf surfaces. The project will examine this process and how it affects spore movement in lab and field.

Analytical Chemistry in the Quality of Medicines

Supervisor: Dr J E McKendrick/Prof M J Almond

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Chemistry

Methods suitable for the British Pharmacopoeia will be developed in collaboration with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Aristotle on Memory and Mind

Supervisor: Prof. David S. Oderberg

School: School of Humanities
Department: Philosophy

A project to interpret Aristotle on the structure of memory and of the human mind. When we experience the world, how does the world 'enter' our minds so that we can have knowledge of it?


Supervisor: Dr Kate Allen

School: School of Arts and Communication Design
Department: Art

ArtLab, created by Tina O'Connell, WP officer Art is a dedicated art and technology facility whose exclusive agenda is to support Outreach and Widening Participation, and to share knowledge and experience in order to provide a focus for other department’s initiatives in this area.

Building Blocks of Conservation: Investigating the current provision and potential uptake of nature friendly housing practices

Supervisor: Professor Mark Fellowes

School: School of Biological Sciences
Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

This project will survey developers, home owners and town planners to investigate the current provision of nature friendly housing practices and acceptability of potential future measures.

Can novel arable crop rotations maximise system resilience under drought conditions?

Supervisor: Prof. Simon Potts

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Biodiversity Crops & Agro-ecosystems

The project aims to quantify the extent to which best practice crop rotation can increase resilience (i.e. through maintaining yields and/or improved root systems) under drought stress.

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