Past Placements - 2011

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A Stranger among Foreigners. Robert Livingston's Scottish Networks in New Netherlands/New York

Supervisor: Dr Esther Mijers

School: Humanities
Department: History, Humanities

This project will uncover and track the Scottish contacts of the settler Robert Livingston and assess them in the wider context of the presence of 'foreigners' in North America c. 1700.

Age, cognitive control and emotion regulation: The impact on well-being in daily life

Supervisor: Carien van Reekum

School: Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

Ageing is paired with cognitive decline, yet the impact of these impairments on emotion regulation capacity is unclear. We will assess the extent to which cognitive performance in middle- and older-aged adults (from 55-80 years old)

Ceramic standardisation in the work of an Athenian vase painter (the Pan Painter)

Supervisor: Dr Amy Smith

School: Humanities
Department: Classics, Humanities

This placement is an opportunity for a student engage in metric and iconographic analysis of a discrete group of Classical Athenian vases, and to coauthor a scholarly article on the subject for a multiauthored international volume.

Comparison of spike temperature before and at anthesis in wheat under drought and heat stress

Supervisor: Dr Hannah Jones

School: Agriculture, Policy and Development
Department: Agriculture, Agriculture, Policy and Development

This project focuses on the quantification of abiotic stress at flowering in the context of the plant physiology by determining how different wheat lines vary in their ability to control ear temperature before and during flowering

Developing a bilingual sentence imitation task for Polish-English children

Supervisor: Theo Marinis

School: Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

This placement falls within the areas of speech and language therapy, developmental psychology and linguistics. It will contribute to piloting a new Polish-English sentence repetition task with bilingual Polish-English school-aged children. It will involve recruiting children, collecting data, logging data into a database, and analysing data.

Development of novel drug strategies for the prevention of in-stent restenosis.

Supervisor: Katrina Bicknell

School: Chemistry, Food BioSciences and Pharmacy
Department: Chemistry, Chemistry, Food BioSciences and Pharmacy

Investigation of the therapeutic potential of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for the prevention of restenosis in cultured human vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells.

Digital Design Productivity Assessment in Construction

Supervisor: Dr Llewellyn C.M. TANG

School: Construction Management and Engineering
Department: Construction Management & Engineering

To conduct preliminary productivity (cost and benefit) analysis of digital design information, in particular, building information modelling being provided by building software industry.

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