Past Placements - 2010

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‘Corporate Social Responsibility, Transparency and Governance in Sub-Saharan African Petro-States: A Critical Overview’

Supervisor: Dr Gavin Hilson

School: Agriculture, Policy and Development
Department: Agriculture, Agriculture, Policy and Development

Research into governance in oil-rich sub-Saharan African, and analysis of how multinational petroleum corporations are embracing CSR in the region.


Supervisor: Dr Peter Kruschwitz

School: Humanities
Department: Classics, Humanities

This project will examine linguistic patterns and strategies of apologies (and related phenomena) in the textual corpus of the Roman playwright Terence.

Alien invasion - interactions between invading and native insect species

Supervisor: Prof. James Cook

School: Biological Sciences
Department: Environmental Biology, Biological Sciences

The project will study how an insect species first seen in the UK only five years ago is spreading and competing with resident insects that also feed on oak trees

Anglo-Saxon monks and pots: investigating monastic culture in Anglo-Saxon Kent

Supervisor: Dr Gabor Thomas

School: Human and Environmental Sciences
Department: Archaeology, Human and Environmental Sciences

Investigating the use, deposition and significance of a distinctive assemblage of decorated ceramic vessels generated by recent excavations at Lyminge, Kent.

Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Hydrogelators for Water Purification

Supervisor: Dr Wayne Hayes

School: Chemistry, Food BioSciences and Pharmacy
Department: Chemistry, Chemistry, Food BioSciences and Pharmacy

This project proposes a short study to produce novel organic compounds that are able to filter out water-born contaminants.

Developing a sentence repetition task for school-age children

Supervisor: Theo Marinis

School: Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

This placement falls within the areas of speech and language therapy, developmental psychology and linguistics and it will contribute to piloting of a new sentence repetition task for school-aged children. It will involve recording sentences, putting together the test material, recruiting children, collecting data, logging data into a database, and analysing data.

Developing Software for Computer-Assisted Speech Therapy

Supervisor: Faustina Hwang

School: Systems Engineering
Department: School of Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering

Computer-assisted speech therapy has an important role to play in supporting the speech rehabilitation of clients with speech impairment beyond face-to-face sessions with a clinician. The aims of this project are to identify the requirements for a computer-assisted speech therapy programme, and to work with clinicians and clients in the design and implementation of software that can run on a mobile platform.

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