Past Placements - 2009

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A questionnaire survey of the use of complementary medicines by palliative care patients

Supervisor: Dr Rachel Howard

School: Chemistry, Food BioSciences and Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food BioSciences and Pharmacy

This health services research project will involve the successful applicant gaining informed consent from palliative care patients to take part in a questionnaire survey about their use of complementary medicines. In addition, the successful applicant will conduct a brief literature review and undertake data entry and analysis.

Acute Dietary Supplementation with Flavonoids: Effects on Cognition

Supervisor: Dr Claire Williams

School: Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

The major objective of this project is to assess whether a single-dose of cocoa flavonoids are responsible for the reported beneficial effects of flavonoid-rich foods on learning, memory and cognitive performance in older human adults.

An Accessible Pulse Oximeter for Visually-Impaired Physiotherapists: Developing a Flexible Audio Information and Feedback System - Part 2

Supervisor: Faustina Hwang

School: Systems Engineering
Department: School of Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering

Pulse oximeters are used in healthcare to monitor oxygen saturation levels in the blood, and typically provide readings only through visual displays, making them inaccessible to visually-impaired people. This project involves developing a flexible system that can interpret the output from a pulse oximeter or other device, and present it in a more accessible format.

Are Rhizobium populations in clover affected by organic management?

Supervisor: Dr Hannah Jones

School: Agriculture, Policy and Development
Department: Agricultural & Food Economics, Agriculture, Policy and Development

Rhizobia are vital in the fixation of nitrogen in legumes. Legumes are extensively used in organic farming systems for fertility building, so this project will determine whether there is a difference in the diversity of Rhizobia in organic compared to non-organic white clover.

Behavioural changes and alterations to feeding induced by two isolated phyto-cannabinoids: THCV and CBD

Supervisor: Clare Williams

School: Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

The appetite-stimulating properties of marijuana have been well-documented over the last decade. However, only the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (∆-9-tetrahydrocannabinol; THC) has been studied in detail. Here we will examine the behavioural changes and alterations to meal patterns induced by two newly isolated phyto-cannabinoids: ∆-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Behavioural enrichment of wild boars and wolves at Wildwood, Kent

Supervisor: Dr Jennie C. Litten-Brown

School: Agriculture, Policy and Development
Department: Agriculture, Agriculture, Policy and Development

This project will investigate the impact of enrichment on the behaviour and welfare of wild boars and wolves.

Bioinformatics analysis of snake venom proteins

Supervisor: Dr E. Gail Hutchinson

School: Biological Sciences
Department: Biomolecular Sciences, Biological Sciences

Use of bioinformatics techniques to find sequences of snake venom serine proteases and study their structure and function.

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