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Pseudospectra and their applications

Supervisor: Jani Virtanen

School: School of Mathematical Physical & Computational Sciences
Department: Mathematics & Statistics

This project aims to introduce techniques of matrix analysis and apply them both rigorously and numerically to study the pseudospectra of Toeplitz and related (block) matrices. Of particular interest is the structured pseudospectra which appear in many applications to computer science.

Studying the effect of leaf-level biochemistry and canopy-level structural traits on spectral reflectance canopy measurements

Supervisor: Dr. Stefan T. Smith (School of Built Environment, Uni Reading), Dr. Christos H. Halios (Public Health England, School of Built Environment, Uni Reading)

School: School of the Built Environment
Department: Construction Management & Engineering

The combined effect of leaf-level biochemistry with canopy-level structural traits complicates the interpretation of remotely sensed spectral measurements. Here, field observations will be combined with optical radiative transfer modelling to investigate how integrating thermal and spectral measurements can help to better understand the multi-scale problem of plant properties.

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