iPhone app development - digital ancient Rome

I am seeking to build on my successful previous UROPs in digital modelling of the ancient world to create the dataset to drive a smartphone app for tourists and students.

Department: Classics

Supervised by: Dr Matthew Nicholls

The Placement Project

I am working on an extensive digital architectural model of the ancient city of Rome. Previous student placements including two UROPs have shown the benefits of student engagement with this project, leading among other things to a new undergraduate module and to digital work created in a UROP being broadcast on the BBC. As this work nears completion, I am now seeking to build on the finished model by recruiting a student to create the database of ancient sites, together with images taken from digital Rome, which will form the core dataset for a smartphone app for use by tourists and students of the ancient city. The student's job will be to devise, create, and populate that dataset in consultation with me and the smartphone app company engaged to provide the programming.


Collecting and editing information on Roman buildings from a range of scholarly publications; creating and populating a database containing key information; creating and cataloguing a set of images of buildings; working with the smartphone app programmers to ensure that information is begin supplied in the manner that they require.

Skills, knowledge and experience required

Fluency with computers - at least to the level of complete proficiency with Excel and other Office programmes; ideally some experience with digital modelling software and/or smartphone app creation. An awareness of ancient historical or archaeological research methods would be a bonus. The student and I will work out together how to design and implement the information management processes necessary to create this app, so a flair for flexible and innovative thinking would be useful.

Skills which will be developed during the placement

Research skills in Roman architecture and archaeology; software skills in e.g. Excel; contributing to the management and delivery of a complicated project.

Place of Work

HumSS Building, Whiteknights; library; some work from home may be possible

Hours of Work

Flexible. 10-5 as a starting point.

Approximate Start and End Dates (not fixed)

Friday 05 July 2013 - Friday 16 August 2013

How to Apply

CV, covering letter, and interview.

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