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Renee Lee

Portrait of Renee Lee
  • Admissions Tutor in BSc Biological Sciences
  • Programme Director in BSc Biological Sciences
  • School Director of Placements and Employability
  • Deputy School Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Visiting Fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Areas of interest

  • Compound/species-specific biomarkers (molecular fossils)
  • Biomineralisation in coccolithophores
  • Coccolith-associated polysaccharides (CAPs) and calcification
  • Microbial diversity in caves
  • Understanding microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP)
  • Trace metal homeostasis in biology (metalloenzymes and isotopic fractionation)
  • Evolution carbon concentrating mechanisms in coccolithophores

Postgraduate supervision

Supervision of the following PhD students

  • Ana Heureux (University of Oxford)
  • Maeve Eason-Hubbard (University of Oxford)
  • Louis Claxton (University of Oxford)


Module convenor:

  • BI3PROA Research Project - Ecology and Evolution
  • BI3PROB Research Project - Biomolecular
  • BI3IP17 - Individual Project
  • BI2BM45 Key Skills in Biomedicine 2
  • BI2EZ45 Key Skills in Ecology and Zoology 2
  • BI2PLA Summer Placement
  • BI2PEX Professional Experience

Other teaching:

  • BIOBF1 Foundation Programme: Biology
  • BI1BEC1 Building Blocks of Life
  • BI1S1 Introductory Microbiology
  • BI1BAC2 Bacteriology and Virology
  • BI1AP12 Anatomy and Physiology
  • BI2MBC Marine Biology and Conservation
  • BI2BPB5 Physiological Biochemistry
  • BI3S78 Seminars in Biology

Research centres and groups


  • Prof. Rosalind Rickaby, University of Oxford
  • Prof. Alex Halliday, University of Oxford
  • Prof. Ann Pearson, Harvard University
  • Prof. Colin Brownlee, Marine Biological Association
  • Dr Fabio Nudelman, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Chris Day, University of Oxford
  • Dr Louise Maurice, British Geological Survey
  • Dr Debbie Salmon, University of Exeter


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