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Julie Hawkins

Portrait of Julie Hawkins
  • Professor of Plant Systemics and Evolution
  • Deputy Head of School
  • Head of Division, Ecology and Evolution

Areas of interest

  • Plant taxonomy and evolution
  • Ethnobotany and evolutionary ethnobotany
  • Wildlife trade and conservation.

Selected publications

Evolutionary ethnobotany 

2020 Comparative analysis of four medicinal floras: phylogenetic methods to identify cross cultural patterns. Plants People Planet 2: 614 

2018 Comparative phylogenetic methods and the cultural evolution of medicinal plant use. Nature Plants 4: 754 

2014 The evolution of traditional knowledge: environment shapes medicinal plant use in Nepal. Proc. Roy. Soc. B 281: 20132768. 

2010 Phylogenies reveal predictive power of traditional medicine in bioprospecting. PNAS 39: 15835 


Plant taxonomy and evolution 

2022 Reconstructing an historical pollination syndrome: keel flowers. BMC Evolutionary Biology 22: 12017

2017 A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny. Taxon 66: 44 


Authentication and wildlife trade 

2019 Phylogenomic approaches to DNA barcoding of herbal medicines: developing clade-specific diagnostic characters for Berberis. Frontiers in Plant Sciences 10: 586


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