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Jonathan Mitchley

Portrait of Jonathan Mitchley

Associate Professor in Field Botany



  • BSc Part 3: Conservation and Biodiversity: Global and Local Scales
  • MSc Plant Diversity:
    • Global Biodiversity and Conservation
    • Vegetation Survey and Assessment
    • UK Field Courses
  • MSc Species Identification and Survey Skills:
    • Professional and Research Skills
    • Vegetation Survey and Assessment

Research centres and groups

Member of the Impact, Enterprise and Outreach

  • Senior Botanical Consultant for RSK Group Ltd

Research projects

  • PhD Funding from NERC
  • Grassland biodiversity and conservation in Europe
  • Restoration ecology

Awards and honours

Esteem Factors

  • DEFRA member improving the effectiveness of grassland restoration and creation options
  • Senior Ecological Consultant with RSK Ltd
  • Coordinator of EU 5th Framework Programme, BioScene Project EVK 2002-00167
  • Visiting Researcher to White Carpathians Projected Landscape Area, Czech Republic

Professional bodies/affiliations

International Collaborators

  • Professor Jiao Juying, Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Northwest Sci-Technology University of Agriculture and Forestry and Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources, Yangling, Shaanxi, China
  • Dr Ivana Jongepierova, White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area Authority, CZ-698 01 Veselí nad Moravou, Czech Republic and Czech Union for Nature Conservation, Local Chapter "Bílé Karpaty", Czech Republic
  • Dr Karel Prach, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice and Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic,
  • Dr Peter Bezak, Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

National Collaborators

  • Dr Richard Griffiths and Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos, University of Kent
  • Dr Chris Preston CEH, Wallingford
  • Dr Ray Tangney, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr John Warren, Aberystwyth University
  • Professor Rob Marrs, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Martin Price, UHI, Perth

Selected publications

Mitchley, J., Price, M.F. & Tzanopoulos, J. (2006). Integrated futures for Europe's mountain regions: reconciling biodiversity conservation and human livelihoods. Journal of Mountain Science, 3, 276-286.

Bock, M., Xofis, P., Mitchley, J., Rossner, G., & Wissen, M. (2005). Object Oriented Methods for Habitat Mapping at Multiple Scales - case studies from Germany and UK. Journal for Nature Conservation, 13, 75-89.

Jacquin, A., Chéret, V., Denux, J.P., Gay, M., Mitchley, J. & Xofis, P. (2005). Habitat suitability modelling of Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) using Earth Observation data. Journal for Nature Conservation, 13, 161-169.

Keramitsoglou, I., Kontoes, C., Sifakis, N., Mitchley, J. & Xofis, P. (2005). Kernel based re-classification of Earth observation data for fine scale habitat mapping. Journal for Nature Conservation, 13, 91-99.

Langanke, T., Rossner, G., Vršcaj, B., Lang, S. & Mitchley, J. (2005). Selection and Application Spatial Indicators for Nature Conservation at Different Institutional Levels - Experiences from the SPIN Project. Journal for Nature Conservation, 13, 101-113.

Mander, U., Mitchley, J., Keramitsoglou, I., Bock, M. & Xofis, P. (2005). Earth observation methods for habitat mapping and spatial indicators for nature conservation in Europe. Journal for Nature Conservation, 13, 69-73.

Mitchley, J. & Xofis, P. (2005). Landscape structure and management regime as indicators of Calcareous Grassland habitat condition and species diversity. Journal for Nature Conservation, 13, 75-89.

Tzanopoulos, J., Mitchley, J. & Pantis, J. (2005). Modelling the effects of human activity on the vegetation of a northeast Mediterranean island. Applied Vegetation Science, 8, 27-38.


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