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Dr Manabu Sakamoto

  • Admissions Tutor for BSc Zoology
  • Supervises undergraduate and postgraduate research projects

Areas of interest

Through his research, Dr. Manabu Sakamoto aims to understand how biodiversity is shaped by function, ecology, and environment over time along the branches of the tree of life. He employs an integrated phylogenetic comparative framework, combining morphometrics, biomechanics, and advanced statistical data analyses to investigate patterns and processes of speciation, extinction, and the evolution of form and function across phylogeny and through time and space.


  • Module convenor of Animal Form and Function (Part 1)
  • Module convenor of Comparative Vertebrate Zoology (Part 2)
  • Teaches on History of Life on Earth (Part 1) and Palaeobiology (Part 2)

Research projects

Manabu is currently working on the following Research Projects:

  • The DinoSAW project: Biomechanics of cutting in serrated tooth rows
  • Evolution of dinosaurs
  • Evolutionary biomechanics
  • Evolutionary morphometrics
  • Phylogenetic form-function modelling
  • Speciation and extinction
  • Phylogenetic comparative methods


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