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Requirement to pay 50% of Tuition Fees before a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is issued

Thank you for your application to the University, we're delighted that we have been able to make you an offer of a place.  This webpage is to give you information about additional steps that we are now having to take before we can issue a CAS to students from some countries around the world.

The last application cycle unfortunately saw an increase in the number of students issued a CAS by the University but not enrolling for their studies.  Whilst some had legitimate last-minute reasons to change plans, a number unfortunately used the Student Route for other reasons or were unable to enrol once they arrived in the UK.  UK Visas and Immigration require us, as a licenced Student Route Visa sponsor, to make every attempt to ensure that we are issuing a CAS to genuine students who wish to come to the UK and study on the programme applied for. 

In a number of countries the proportion of those who do not enrol has reached a level where we now have to take additional steps before issuing a CAS

As a result of this we now require you to pay 50% of your first-year tuition fee (or 50% of the total fee in the case of one-year programmes) before we can issue your CAS.  This 50% payment will also cover any deposit that your offer confirms you need to pay in order to hold your place (so you will not need to pay the deposit amount plus an additional 50% of your fees).

Ways to pay

You are able to pay your fees via online card payment/ Convera or TransferMate as indicated on our website (please also find the link on the Right hand side of this page). To calculate how much of your fee you need to pay, you can find confirmation of the tuition fees for your programme in your offer letter.

We would encourage you to pay this amount as soon as possible in order that there is sufficient time for you to make a visa application and arrive in the UK for your chosen programme.  Paying in advance will also help with your visa application as we would be able to state on your CAS that 50% of the fees have been paid, and you would therefore only need to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover the remainder and living costs. It will also mean that you are able to enrol in person when you arrive in the UK for your studies, without any delays caused as a result of payment issues.

If you are being sponsored or receiving a full Scholarship

If you are being sponsored for all of your tuition fees e.g. you are receiving a full Scholarship or your Government or other organisation is paying your fees, and the organisation passes our standard finance checks you will not need to pay this money.  Please ensure that you provide us with appropriate evidence of any sponsorship/ scholarship.  We will confirm with you if you are no longer required to pay the 50% of fees.

Tell us once you have paid

Once you have paid at least 50% of your fees, please do let us know and we will ensure that your record is up-to-date and ready for when your offer of a place is unconditional and your CAS can be issued.  Please note we do not normally begin issuing CAS until 6 months before the start date of your programme.

Payment Refunds

If, for whatever reason, you were unable to enrol.  The University will refund your fees on request, once we have cancelled your CAS (Please note for those who are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £2,000, the relevant amount would not be refunded unless it was for one of the acceptable reasons stated in the Deposit Terms and Conditions).

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